"CAMP FILM" now on DVD

A visual anthology of Camp Timberlane from the 60's thru the 80's. "Camp Film" highlights the best moments from the film archives. You'll see sights like Harold in drag, Randy Wynn getting tossed in the lake, Norm Wolf hamming it up on Pow Wow Day, Pete Kaufman and Brian Schlossberg being syrupped and feathered; and if you watch closely, a quick shot of Scott Seideman's butt! The soundtrack consists of music by Tom Callahan and Martin Lynch, as recorded in the lodge one rainy day in 1979.

"Camp Film", which is over one hour long, premeired at the 40th Year Reunion and is not the tape Mike Cohen distributed to alumni. It consists of footage exclusively from the Harold Hiken era. You'll see faces (Rich Bodan), places (Peck's Wildlife), and events (Hair Cut Day) long-forgotten; and you can now share your Timber-memories with family and friends.

AS A SPECIAL BONUS: You'll also receive on the same disc, the 1983 Timberlane promo film as narrated by HH. Although it contains some of the same footage as "Camp Film", the magic of Harold's commentary adds a whole new dimension. Running over a half-hour, it's sure to spark memories of the old film projector...

Over 90 minutes of priceless camp memories can be yours for only $10.00. Rest assured I'm not making a cent on this; the price will just cover the disc, duplication, packaging and shipping costs. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Please email me at tushball@comcast.net for the address to send your order