August 3, 2000


We are counting the days until the Camp Timberlane reunion begins, and our thoughts go back to the most wonderful years of our lives. Since my last letter, I have received over 40 e-mail messages in which you told us how the years at camp helped you to handle all types of situations as you moved on in life. Sharon and I are looking forward to seeing you, and we will be so excited to hear what's happening in your lives. We'll fill you in on our lives, and our children will also be at camp.

On Friday night, we'll be having a campfire which I'll be handling, so you better start remembering the songs; and if any of you played guitars and sang special songs, plan on doing the same at the campfire. I'll hand out some song sheets that I printed, because now that you're all so old, you may have forgotten the words. It would also be very nice for your family to see the song sheets. One of the most important parts of the campfire is the KEY LOG CEREMONY, and I hope that you will plan to express your thoughts, and we'll laugh or cry as you speak.

I know that you will enjoy seeing how the camp has progressed, and Mike and Leslie Cohen will also have a chance to talk with each of you. A full range of activities will be available, but the most important thing is that you will have a chance to spend time with your lifelong friends, and become Timberlane campers and counselors once again. I know that some of you cannot make the reunion, so I will make it a point to send an e-mail message relaying the events and excitement of the get-together. Sharon and I are having an Open House at our home across the lake on Saturday from 3-5PM, and we'll have fun recalling old events, but please don't fill me in on anything that might give me a heart attack!

If any of you wants to play golf on Friday or Saturday, let me know and I'll set you up for a round early in the morning. The cost is fair, and the money you earned as a counselor should almost cover the cost.

Again, Sharon and I are counting the days until we see you, and you know how much all of you have meant to us and our family.

Sharon and "H"