Volume-1 Issue-1 JULY 9, 1975

"HH 'Loses' Camp in Mass Timberlane Exodus"
by Fred Bierman

"Inspection: Point by Point"
by Carl Bassewitz and Jon Barker

"Heilbroenner Explains 'Footing"
by Bill Barenholtz

"New Boats Aid Skiing"
by Steve Balk


"What Makes Timberlane Tick"
by H.H.

"TIMBERLIFE Becomes a Reality"
by Fred Bierman

by Ronny Richker

Andy Blieden Playing Trampball
Photo by Brian Schlossberg

"Digression on Rainy Night at Camp Timberlane"

"Gymnastics Keeps Campers Flipping"
by Brian Schlossberg

"Leaping into Track and Field"
by Bill Barenholz

by Fred Bierman

Letters (Sexism at Timberlane)
by Paula Herz & Susie Hiken

Letters (Malts and Pizza Restricted?)
by Jeff Heller

Lee Glicksman Throws a Pot
Photo by Fred Bierman

Trampball Cartoon
by Cindy Hiken

"Nature Appreciation: We're in This Together"
by Rocky Stone