Volume-1 Issue-2 August 7, 1975

"Harmonicas Beat Camp Blues"
by Scott Shovers

"Radio KTIM Broadcasts"
by Greg Schatten

"Blieden Shines as Donald Duck, Tiny Tim"
by Bob Gassel

"Camp Boasts Fifteenth Season, Owes All To Director H.H"

Harold Hiken Toupee Theft
Photos by Fred Bierman

"Why a Moose?"
by Greg Shatten

Infirmary Cartoon
by Cindy Hiken and Judy Barnard

"Doughnut Madness"
by Bruce Fleishman

"Timberbats Put On Shows"
by Lonnie Lazar

"Skiiers To Enter Tourney"
by Bill Fried

"EDITORIAL: Blue and White: Valuable?"

"I Had a Dream"
by Harold Hiken

Photo by Phil Perlson

"Cruiser Day"
by Brian Bork

"Session Changes"
by Brian Schlossberg

"Beer Can Collecting"
by Rick Schlessinger

"Cruiser Day Ideas"
by Matt Healy

The New Lake
Photo by Fred Bierman

"Campers, Counselors Battle at Buckets, Defend Indiana, Marquette Universities"
by Ron Klain

Lonnie Lazar High Jumps
Photo by Eric Rogers

"Timberlane Archery: Letting the Arrows Fly"
by Ronnie Richker

"Riding Gallops to Popularity"
by Gregg Bogost

Allen Esrock

by Bill Barenholtz

Gellindo Ferrin in Drag
Photo by Eric Rogers

"Camper-Staff Basketball Game"
by Bill Barenholtz

Porkies Trip Takes 55 to Michigan"
by Bill Barenholtz

"Athletics Keeps Campers Sliding, Offers New, Creative Ideas"
by Lonnie Lazar

"Timberlane Puts 75 into Tushball Contest"
by John Marks

"Camp Hosts Successful Social"
by Mike Schechter

Phil Perlson Gets Tough
Photo by Eric Goldsmith

"Canadian Canoe Expedition Keeps Best Trippers Paddling"
by Lonnie Lazar

"U.N. Day Highlights First Session"
by Scott Shovers

Mike Sapper Gets Ready To Spike
Photo by Jeff Safrin

"TV and Sports Trivia"
by Bob Gassel