By Jim Goldstein

In 1956 a Boy Scout troop from Appleton was canoeing down the Fox River. The river, after a few miles of straight run, split with an east fork and a west fork. Without hesitation, the scoutmaster took the west fork and the group paddled happily along. After about two hours, and thirty miles; he decided that they were lost! So, instead of paddling back to the fork with the current against them, he told the boys to look for a good campsite.

In about fifteen minutes, they came upon an island and decided to camp there. After beaching the canoes, the first thing was to find a suitable campsite. They went towards the middle of the island and found a nice clearing. After pitching tents, they went exploring. on the far side of the island, they found a pit; to find it’s approximate depth they threw a rock in. They did not hear it hit bottom...

Well, they left the pit and gathered firewood. But now they noticed a couple of strange things. One was the fact that there were no animals living on the ground. Another was that there was no green foliage from the ground to a height of six feet on any of the trees. That night, by the dwindling light of the campfire, the scoutmaster told a ghost story about a monster with glowing eyes. One of the scouts was really scared by the story, and decided to look across the still waters of the Fox River.

Maybe it was his imagination, but he saw two orange glowing specks which grew larger and larger until he looked away from them. When he looked back again, they were gone.

The scout was so frightened by the story and the orange specks, that when he went to sleep, he covered his head with his sleeping bag. At about 1:00 a.m., he had to go to the bathroom; but he was still scared and wanted his tentmate to go with him. He nudged him and whispered his name, but there was no response. He poked his head out of the sleeping bag and looked at his tentmate. The pal had no head, and no arm from the elbow down. There was no blood left in the body and where the arm and head were missing, there were clean cuts with no blood. This frightened the scout so much that he left his tent. He went to look for everyone else to show them his discovery. But, what he found in each tent was the same, beheaded and armless bodies.

When he reached the last tent, he found another boy who had been as scared by the scoutmaster’s story. Together, they both walked around the island until they came to the pit. The first scout saw the two orange specks rise out of the pit. The second scout saw them too, so it was no one’s imagination. Then, below the specks, there was a greenish mist that was also rising. They didn’t wait around and ran right for a canoe, and paddled away as fast as they ever would.

Two days later, both boys were found in a state of shock. They were rushed to the hospital where they remained in shock for a few days. The first boy finally could and did tell what happened on the island. A team of scientists went out there and found the dead bodies. That night from a boat they all surveyed the island. At exactly midnight they saw a green mist. It covered the island, and was six feet high. Since then, the island has been fenced with electric wires, and no one has ever returned there.