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Driving Memories

I remember Bill Davies having a recurring goal of topping 100 on Airport Road. We caught air a number of times with a fully loaded station wagon. Always made Cruiser Day's an adventure. Most scary driving moment, spinning out on Hwy 51 with Fritz Kloess at the wheel. We must have done four or five 360's into oncoming lanes of traffic and came to a stop right in front of Dave da' Welder's place. Then there was driving back from Alpine one year in the Moss' brothers red Ford (Granada?) trying to make the wake-up bell. Won't get into details on this one, but I think Rick's still looking to sue me over it.
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Trivia question #1

In 1976 or 1977 there was a one year counselor named Will ? somebody that I remember has a major beer guzzler and I can still hear him screaming to slow down from Dinks as he booted out the green corolla wagon's window every few minutes. What was his name? Zatsky??
Any know where he is? Or what is his company name?
[Date/Time=06-01-2003 - 11:13 AM]    Name:Coner/Conehead Medgasco@aol.com, [Msgid=445202]   [IP Addr=]

Trivia Question #2

Does anyone remember the kitchen girl named Gene or Jene, With a French last name? She played guitar and had a rocker for a brother.
He must of had a famous band by now? He used to visit her at camp and had an old van decked out with electronics so he could play his Fender amp in the van. Any clues who this musician is and where he is?
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Coner, I was there in 76 and 77 and I have no clue who either of those people are
[Date/Time=06-01-2003 - 9:07 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=445477]   [IP Addr=]

Where's Elmo?

By the way...we need to here from/locate Elmo (Scott Halperin). JP tells me he lives in Houston
[Date/Time=06-01-2003 - 9:09 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=445479]   [IP Addr=]


Does USSearch.com list people who are in prison?
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Whatever Coner is taking--send it over here

Coner...were you secretly a counselor at Camp Algonquin because I'm with JMoss--I have no idea who any of these people were and my memory is still pretty good. By the way...Ed Stanton did 3 figures on Airport Road regularly and nobody wore seatbelts. Little different perspective being a father now....
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Answer to Trivia Question # 1

WIL PADWAY - Milwaukeean. Great guy, SC Menomenee 1977. He also let Steve Bluestone "attack" Matt Healy's head from the roof of Menomenee's counselor room, I witnessed that one. I'll pass on #2. What ya gonna give me Mr. Coner?
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Coner's Prize

Pud, how about a life?
[Date/Time=06-02-2003 - 9:11 AM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=445687]   [IP Addr=]

WOW- PUD Man !!!

Pud, What a memory you have!! I will send you a coupon for a free dinner anytime you are in Minneapolis. Only 4-1/2 hours from camp.
Is Wil Padway a bar owner? He sure couldn't hold his liquor.
The #2 question, she was a friend of Tarney's sister...Do you remember either one?
Coner's in Las Vegas July 30, 31 and Aug. 4th and 5th at the pool at the Rio or ?? Anyone else going to the desert?
[Date/Time=06-02-2003 - 5:50 PM]    Name:Coner/Conehead Medgasco@aol.com, [Msgid=445956]   [IP Addr=]


Photo by Ava Susman

[Date/Time=06-02-2003 - 10:49 PM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@aol.com, [Msgid=446120]   [IP Addr=]

Will Padway- Judge?

If you do a search in Google on Will Padway, it shows that he is a lawyer in Milwaukee and the Court Judge in Fox Point. Maybe someone in Milwaukee can confirm that. By the way, what are Susman and Meadow doing with the Timberlane kitchen girls?
[Date/Time=06-03-2003 - 6:51 PM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=446587]   [IP Addr=]

Judge Will

Will Padway is Fox Point municipal judge and a practicing trial lawyer in Milwaukee. He is also a very successful youth basketball coach. His son Justin is a basketball player at Nicolet High School.
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sobering memory

You guys are short about 10 years of Timber history as I read your posts. When you discuss Airport Road it brings back memories to me of camp's most serious crisis, when 16 year old Steve "Rocky" Rumack died in an auto rollover after the car of counselors he was driving with missed the camp entrance and rolled over on the sharp left turn down the road half a mile. It was the day before camp started. HH had to call every family, tell them what happened, and offer a refund if they didn't want to send their son. My dad got the call. It was my first summer, 1962. I went anyway; only a few withdrew. At that moment, Timberlane almost had no future. I tell this story every year in my safety lecture to Agawak counselors.
[Date/Time=06-03-2003 - 9:26 PM]    Name:Steve Kravit kravit@aol.com, [Msgid=446703]   [IP Addr=]

More bonehead stunts and fake IDs

Steve, thanks for the sobering reminder. We all did stuff back then that we pray our kids never do. It's a good reminder. That having been said, here's a bone head stunt I pulled. I hit triple digits on the road and bottomed out one of the new wagons. I loosened the front bumper. As I was heading into camp, one of the counselors from England was heading out in an old brown bomb of a wagon with all of his cabin for cruiser day. I flagged him down and told him that there was no reason for him to have to use that beat up old piece of junk when I had a brand new wagon for him to travel in. We switched card and I proceded into camp. The next day I remember the English guy felt horrible. He had no idea how he'd wrecked the bumper. New topic. Whose ID did you use the first time you used a fake ID. I used Mike Campbell. He was a jockey. Little guy like me. Lee
[Date/Time=06-03-2003 - 10:56 PM]    Name:Lee Glicksman benzachg@cs.com, [Msgid=446751]   [IP Addr=]

7 Swimmers

Bob's Beer Bar. Across from what is now the AmericInn and next to the former laundromat. Seven of us went in on David Swimmer's wallet--one each with his university ID; draft card; driver's license; social security card; and when we ran out of stuff, whoever was already in left to give the ID he had to another guy. There were seven David Swimmer's in the bar that night. "Bob" could have cared less, as long as everyone had something. We were CIT's, 16. Maybe one of us looked close to 18. Swimmer was back at camp unaware his wallet had been lifted.
[Date/Time=06-04-2003 - 8:05 PM]    Name:Steve Kravit kravit@aol.com, [Msgid=447250]   [IP Addr=]

fake id

"I used Mike Campbell. He was a jockey. Little guy like me. Lee"

AND I USED LEE. GREAT GUY, MAJOR WHEEZER, LITTLE GUY LIKE ME. I was so very fortunate to have both Lee and Glynnnnnnn as SCs our P.A. year. We all lucked out on that combo. Thanks for all the memories, Elliott. I WASN'T the shortest guy that Lee ever had as a camper.

[Date/Time=06-04-2003 - 8:39 PM]    Name:pud [Msgid=447265]   [IP Addr=]

The Annex

Bob's Beer Bar sounds like the place that later became The Annex. When us later generations patronized the place we didn't need fake ID's (or money for that matter) as Debbie, the 12 year-old granddaughter of the owner, was tending bar. I know many of us out there have a lot of stories about that place...

Anyone know where Debbie is today?

[Date/Time=06-05-2003 - 8:40 PM]    Name:Red gaschatten@attbi.com, [Msgid=447456]   [IP Addr=]


Al Mishlove and I used to take Debbie and Dave to Torpy Park when they were little kids. Last time I saw Debbie was probably 10 yrs ago waitressing at the Country Kitchen up there. It was sad to go up a couple summers ago and see that the Annex was gone. Pud, thanks for the kind words and Elliot is spelled with 1 "t".
[Date/Time=06-08-2003 - 9:25 AM]    Name:Lee Glicksman benzachg@cs.com, [Msgid=448939]   [IP Addr=]

Debbie's Mom

About ten years ago, Heidi and I went to The Annex and spoke with Debbie's mom...she said the bar was in deep trouble and needed to draw more customers without spending a lot of money. We suggested a Karaoke night to which she seemed very receptive. When asked how much it would cost, I said a cheap system might be $50-$100. She said "That's too much", and the place closed down a few months later...

Last I heard, she was working as a chambermaid at the AmericInn.

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Chance Timber-Encounter

About 3 hours ago I get a call from Heidi who tells me Pete Kaufman and Brian Schlossberg are heading downtown to see the shark exhibit at the Shedd Aqaurium. I quickly call Pete's cellphone and they soon pick me up at my office. After circling the aquarium for half an hour, we find parking a mile away at a meter that gives only 5 minutes for each quarter. We run across Grant Park and Lake Shore Drive, nearly getting run over in the process, to find an hour-long line to get into the aquarium. We wait in line about ten minutes before saying "the hell with this" and decide instead to grab a bite at Manny's Deli. While taking pictures of each other...

we encountered an Asian Jim Hiken lookalike...

we go back to the car and make our way to the deli...

We get our food...

and are looking for a table when who do we run into?

...Mr. Tom Herz!

I had just seen Tommy at Maggie Gorchoff's Bat Mitzvah on Saturday where we talked about doing a Manny's run.

[Date/Time=06-12-2003 - 10:55 PM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@aol.com, [Msgid=450179]   [IP Addr=]

Da-Loop...my take

I really got immersed in Chicago this week on my trip here for Maggie's Bat Mitzvah (story below). After the weekend festivities, I spent some time with Peter & Nancy Kaufman and future Agawaker Julia in their lovely (and very clean) home in Skokie. It's a corner lot! (ask PK). Pete schlept me into the city, had breakfast at Ann Sather's, got a "Jazz Is Dead" CD for 4 bucks, and took me to his old workplace where I scored some nice sunglasses. Then we grabbed Gazzoo and attempted the Shedd Aquarium. We didn't feel like waiting 3 hours to see sushi swimming, so we chowed on corned beef instead and ran into Tommy Herz, which was bizzare because I had just seen him at the Bat Mitzvah up in the northern burbs just days before.
Pete asked the server if he could get just one beef rib instead of the entire meal, the guy said "sure", but when Pete went to cash out, the lady wanted to charge him $10.95. She was basically left with the rib in her lap.
Soldier Field is barely recognizable ...to quote Gazzoo: It looks like a giant flying saucer landed inside of the place.....wild.
We dropped Bob off, and Pete whisked me back to the burbs...bolting down side-streets and making hairpin turns. I vegged in his garage and watched him plant shrubs and dig like a gopher. I thought "1200 miles for this, huh?" Anyway it was all good, I enjoyed seeing everyone and had way too much deli food...I'm looking forward to my own bed, and becoming 'regular' again.

[Date/Time=06-11-2003 - 5:41 PM]    Name:Bosco YaHeyDer@aol.com, [Msgid=450990]   [IP Addr=]

Such A Mitzvah

The Bat Mitzvah was a blast, Maggie did a great job and Sister Jamie was quite supportive. Grandmas' Joni Gorchoff, Jean Gorchoff and Sharon Hiken hosted one of the parties...there was at least 3 restaurants represented, loads of nosh, very nice. Dianne Arieff arrived, and when she refused to pay her driver an additional 20 bucks on the fare because he got lost, the guy ripped up the bill she gave him into tiny pieces and drove off. I heard it was a fifty!.
Saturday night found us at Cindy and Scott Lapins house in Highland Park were the kids had the run of the place...and more food of course. Spent some quality time chatting with my counselor from '76 Richard Stuckert. Jimmy and Susan had their hands full with 3 bright and energetic little ones. These kids are A LOT of fun. Hung out at the pool and watched H throw some math drills at them and they shot back with correct answers...amazing.
At the main event I shared a table with Tom Herz and Bob & Heidi Gassel and my first encounter with little Madison. Let this post serve as record for the future when I say that she will be very creative someday, probably thru art or music or both.
Bobbo Heilbronner and family were nearby, except for the short hair, he looks just the same.
Sunday brunch at the Gorchoff's (tons more food) I was showing H some video I took of a trip Gary, his Daughter Jamie and I went down to the Florida Keys earlier this year. He really liked the scenes we shot at Theater Of The Sea in Islamorada and suggested we get together when Sharon and H return to Boca later this year and try to market this video somehow.
Gary happened to be walking by and said, "Hey H, wouldn't much of it belong to Theater OTS?" to which H replied, "We'll just edit certain parts out."
So H, when you come down to Florida I will be delighted to go through my videos with you.
Speaking of the ol' H....I remember when he was always called 'HH' and over the years we lost an letter somewhere and we now address him as just 'H'. I think, maybe in part, due to our laziness. I propose giving him some letters back. I like the name 'Aaach' or as Pud would say, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaacha".
So I'm typing this from Gary's Gorchoff Group office (All your insurance needs thru Trust, Integrity and Service 847-541-4332) during the wee hours while the rest of the family is upstairs sleeping off a well deserved rest.
Tomorrow Mom and I head back to Boca....at least I won't have to eat for a couple of days!

[Date/Time=06-12-2003 - 3:26 AM]    Name:Bosco YaHeyDer@aol.com, [Msgid=451240]   [IP Addr=]

Corner Lot

All in a day...but you can't beat the roast beef sandwich/horseradish at Manny's with a wedge of potato pancake! Hey, I usually tip but I just gave them a refrigerator! Lots of laughs and lots of foofkies.
[Date/Time=06-12-2003 - 12:48 PM]    Name:Petroff nanpeter@attbi.com, [Msgid=451297]   [IP Addr=]

6 days!

6 days until Ben goes to Timberlane. I'm excited and jealous!
[Date/Time=06-12-2003 - 9:30 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=451830]   [IP Addr=]

I wish I could go

I've got two nephews (Matt & Josh Perrye) who are leaving for Timberlane soon too. I wish I could go ......
[Date/Time=06-13-2003 - 12:07 PM]    Name:David Susman [Msgid=452105]   [IP Addr=]

Memphis and food

All those years going to Memphis and never once knowing that the Gibson Guitar factory is located there. What gives? I have to see this on the Food Network. By the way Manny's is a real treat. Me and the family always stop for a pastrami and corned beef. But be careful, their to-go containers are flimsy. My corned beef sandwich ended up on the floor of the Knickerbocker Hotel. No three-second rule there.
[Date/Time=06-16-2003 - 2:43 PM]    Name:Harry stern10@ameritech.net, [Msgid=453502]   [IP Addr=]


[Date/Time=06-17-2003 - 8:11 AM]    Name:pudmandewphillips [Msgid=454070]   [IP Addr=]


Terry Goldin's daughter Malory is in Emily's cabin at Agawak, and his 17 year old son is Ben's counselor at Timberlane...small world!
[Date/Time=06-23-2003 - 10:02 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=458667]   [IP Addr=]


"Tonight we had the big Counselor Hunt. Wanna know how much everyone loves that?"

The above appeared in today's Timberlane "Director's Journal." My favorite counselor hunt memory was actually as a 1st year camper in 1970. Randy Wynn had climbed a very tall tree at the Wolf/Menomenee interchange and had great difficulty and anxiety descending back down. Where was your favorite place to hide and was it legal?
[Date/Time=06-23-2003 - 11:14 PM]    Name:pud [Msgid=458711]   [IP Addr=]

Up a tree?

I remember that escapade of Randy's as well. I think he was 'caught' though.

Rumor had it that Norm Wolf & Mark Faiwell would stay at Marge's

My best counselor hunt spot was at the Fried's place.

[Date/Time=06-24-2003 - 1:50 PM]    Name:Saul Sodos txmavn@aol.com, [Msgid=458984]   [IP Addr=]

The most popular hiding place...

It was a tradition that someone would 'hide' in the Lost & Found box next to the office so that they would be found immediately (it was always the first place little campers checked) and spend the rest of the night at The Arrowhead....along with those who took off to hide there already.

Speaking of the Lost & Found box, I recall it as a wonderful place where you could almost always scrounge a free t-shirt or baseball mitt...albeit a bit smelly.

[Date/Time=06-25-2003 - 11:12 AM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@aol.com, [Msgid=459029]   [IP Addr=]

Spots and Smells

Gazzoo....for some reason, I recall you never shying away from something a bit smelly in your wardrobe. With that said-- the sand yard was my favorite spot. Where is Lee Glicksman...I want to know if you got appointed as the judge!!!!
[Date/Time=06-24-2003 - 5:06 PM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=459157]   [IP Addr=]


HH: "It's not a mooooose, it's a caribooooo." And speaking of the counselor hunt, as a camper I once caught Billy Fried -- he was in a car driving back into camp with that "I've been at the A-Head" grin on his face.
[Date/Time=06-25-2003 - 8:16 AM]    Name:David Raskin draskin@artic.edu, [Msgid=459463]   [IP Addr=]