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Congrats to Billy and Mary Fried on the arrival of their latest, Joshua Fried, born July 24th at a healthy 9 lbs. 11.8 oz

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The meaning of Tushball

We should discuss the significance of Tushball in the greater realm of human existence. Is it a game? Sure. Is it even a great game? Yes! Absolutely! Is it perhaps the greatest game ever invented??!!! Nah, probably not. But it IS significant.

If you are among the unexposed, Tushball is a game that involves hitting a ball on a roof, and making your best attempt to hit it in such a way that the person behind you in line is unable to hit the ball back onto the roof after you hit it. There is a boundary on one side demarked by a line on the roof, and the boundary on the other side is the edge of the roof. Hit it too far, it rolls off the back side, which is not a good thing, 'cause it could end up in the lake. The ultimate goal is to be the last player in. That's about the whole game.

Except that its much more. If you think about it, a ball, a roof, and anywhere from 2 to 200 kids creates entertainment for (in all honesty) hours. We very conservatively estimate that there are no less than 20 tushball games a day here. On most days, there may be 2 ,3, even 5 times that amount. One ball, one roof, hours of fun.

But if it was just fun, it really wouldn't be much more special than, say, a yo yo. Of course, it is much more than just fun. And that's because there is life stuff going on during the game. For instance, if the person in front of you hits the ball, and it is not going to land on the roof, you can, if you choose, "save" him by hitting the ball onto the roof for him. Do boys do this for other boys? In an athletic game??!! Yup...all the time. And ya know what, it makes both the saver and the savee feel good. That's one thing. And how 'bout sportsmanship? Any time you don't get it back on the roof, or you hit it and it goes out, you are out of that game.....in a rather public way. What do you do then? Honestly, in 99.999% of the times kids get out, they smile, shrug their shoulders, and have a seat. Then they watch the remainder of that game and hop right up to get into the next one. And what makes that easier is all the compassionate comments you hear when it happens. "Nice try," "Almost," "So close," etc. For some reason, the tushball court has evolved into a remarkably supportive environment. Kids of all experience levels feel very comfortable playing Tushball.

That may be because of what happens while the game is in progress. Your turn comes up, you hit the ball, and if it stays on, you get back in line. And while in line, you get to mingle....chat.....hang out with the other players near you in line. You get out, you go sit with other guys who also got out. It's one of the most social places in camp....seriously! Uncountable friendships have been born and nurtured on the Tushball court. So inasmuch as we are a non-sectarian organization, we do subscribe quite ferverently to the religion of Tushball around here. The game that, moreso than most, guides and reflects life. *sigh*


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Just Visited Camp

Hi everyone...haven't visited in awhile. I hope everything is good with the "crowd".

I had a chance to visit Timberlane this last weekend and camp looks pretty good. The counselors all looked young to me so I must be getting older :) Anyways, there's now a grand total of five people left that I know from my Timber-time.

I did get to see 1/2 of POW WOW Day and that brought back memories. I met Dave Branovan's son (who is easily identified by BRANOVAN-Wear) and watched Matt Marks (John's son)get second place in the junior village indian leg wrestling. Both kids seem like great kids. They must have good genetics on their mothers' side.....

I also visited Agawak and that camp looks great as well. Mike and Billy were great hosts...many thanks to both.

Later all.

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I'll be in Dallas

I'll be in Dallas at the Adolphus Hotel on the night of Monday August 18th. If any of you live in the area and want to join me for a beer, let me know.
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Little Marksy

I too had the priviledge of visting Timberlane this past weekend and meeting the next generation Marks... "Was my father good at ____?" was the question of the hour.. day... weekend... no worries Marksy, according to us you weren't as good at ANYTHING as your son is! It was a great moment though watching him take second in Junior Indian Leg Wrestling - he rolled a few kids over and got tons of cheers from his tribe... oh and he got me out in Tushball - twice!
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It's hard to conceive that Jerry left our world some (8) years ago today. The band obviously isn't quite the same without him, but it was fun (as always) seeing a show recently. I rec'd a phone call from Joey that August morning in '95 and thought he was up to his usual pranking activity. Where were you and what were you doing when you received news of Jerry Garcia's death?
[Date/Time=08-09-2003 - 10:03 AM]    Name:Pud anaprfool@yahoo.com, [Msgid=484717]   [IP Addr=]



I was in my plush corporate home office set-up (feet up on my work station) when Joey called me with the news. As is the case 99% of the time, I thought he was full of hot air. He still is. I made him immediately fax me the Bloomberg wire story. Somehow, while he's from Memphis and kinda' slow, he successfully managed to print it out and fax it. Since I wasn't out in the field that day, I played bootlegs, fielded and made a lot of phone calls with some of yous' guys, and recorded various TV transmissions most of the day. My old man called me around 4:30 P.M. He never fully understood the scene, but knew how important it was to me. He was rather impressed that NPR's "All Things Considered" devoted a full 20 minutes to Jerry and the Grateful Dead that day. The following couple nights I lived via lots of candlelight, listening to a lot of great music that touched my life and reflected upon all the awesome times (that I could sometimes remember) I spent with a lot of "yous' guyz."

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AUGUST 9, 1995 - AUGUST 9, 2001


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August 9, 1995 - August 9, 2000 (5th Anniversary)

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Just got an e-mail from "Faiwell" that had a virus/worm in it..beware...p.s. thought it was a bit ironic/appropo
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Family camp

Just got home from an incredible week of family camp at Agawak. There were lots of "old timers" there with their families. Cindy Hiken, Tom Herz, Josh Taxman, Rob Bond, Randy Wynn, Bill Heilbrenner, Steve Kravitz, Branovanorino, and many others.(took lots of pics with MP)

Speaking of Faiwell, I ran into his oldest daughter, Sarah, and she informed me that her dad was recovering from quad bypass surgery. She said that he is doing well.

H was a classic as usual. An Agawak counselor told me that he asked her to burn a cd..."hey, I need 100 copies of this CD, I think you need to rewind it and be sure to check both sides."
[Date/Time=08-15-2003 - 11:05 PM]    Name:Danny Plattner dsplattner@aol.com, [Msgid=488550]   [IP Addr=]

camp activities in everyday life?

I don't know if this has been brought up...but--what do you do in everyday life that is from camp and you don't even realize or think about it? My kids are the only ones who do sprinkees (sp) at the JCC. I sing 'Rocky Racoon' and/or 'Good Lovin' to my 2 year old at night, just as I did with my others when they were little. When we had a fair amount of damage to our home recently from a storm, the only tools I had in my tool box (which I had a hell of a time even finding) were two rolls of duct tape.
[Date/Time=08-22-2003 - 2:19 PM]    Name:Danny B dburing@tscgtn.com, [Msgid=492044]   [IP Addr=]

Everyday Timber-Life

I like to flood my bathroom floor, sprinkle it with sand, throw in bits of toilet paper and other things and then tiptoe my way from the shower.
Ah, good times...
[Date/Time=08-23-2003 - 1:51 PM]    Name:Bosco YaHeyDer@aol.com, [Msgid=492874]   [IP Addr=]

timber habits

I'll still power-boot every blue moon.
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Camp songs

"5 Constipated Men" is currently my kids' favorite song...they love to sing it in the car when we're driving somewhere...drives my wife nuts! Over the years the third verse has been changed to "Noah, he sat for 40 days," instead of "Solomon, he sat for 40 years." I try to explain to my son that the Solomon line is funnier...but he won't change!
[Date/Time=08-24-2003 - 8:46 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=493511]   [IP Addr=]

Another Constipated Man

Back in the day we used to insert Jersey's name into "5 Constipated Men". I don't remember much more about this guy except that he used to sweep the Tushball court a lot. Who's got more info on this guy?

[Date/Time=08-25-2003 - 1:02 AM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@hotmail.com, [Msgid=493613]   [IP Addr=]


Jersey broke the toilet seat!
[Date/Time=08-25-2003 - 1:47 PM]    Name:JP [Msgid=493843]   [IP Addr=]


I believe his name was Francis Pastore
[Date/Time=08-25-2003 - 10:37 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=494129]   [IP Addr=]

toilet seat

Jesus, I thought it was JOEY who broke the toilet seat. See you sometime next wk. in the Big-M. Maybe we'll eat some pig and hen together.
[Date/Time=08-25-2003 - 10:39 PM]    Name:Blofeld [Msgid=494132]   [IP Addr=]

The Preacher went Down

I still break out in a round or two of H classics with a few of my old Timberlane friends who I'm in contact with regularly. We still make sure and spell out the word "G R I E V E" every time we sing the preacher song... Where is Matt Healy these days?
[Date/Time=08-26-2003 - 3:13 PM]    Name:Jeff Leiken JLeiken@MentorCounselor.com, [Msgid=494554]   [IP Addr=]

Barnacle Bill

It wasn't a campfire song...but taught everyone in the EP Lab at the hospital "Barnacle Bill the Sailor," it was a big hit! My son tells me they don't do "Caibo sp? Paper" anymore
[Date/Time=08-26-2003 - 6:49 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=494683]   [IP Addr=]


Jersey was a buddy of Nick Bellinke's who was a lineman on the Drake football team back when they were a NCAA 1A school. He was the size of a small house and he was all muscle.

Sorry to hear about Faiwell's ill health.
[Date/Time=08-27-2003 - 2:29 PM]    Name:Saul txmavn@aol.com, [Msgid=495300]   [IP Addr=]

North and Back

Just back from up North. What a great trip. Took my son to Pike's [meant peck's] Wildlife to see the drugged animals: Where else can you pet a badger! Pancakes at Paul Bunyons; a tour of camp; a swim in Towanda; picnic at Torpey Park; swimming at Crystal Lake; stars. We also stopped by Agawak and said hi to Billy and MP. Saw Bryant Esch on the way up too -- his two sons are 6 and 4 and already destroying his house. Camp in Everday Life? I've started "airports," which get nothing but giggles. No 747 landings just yet.
[Date/Time=08-28-2003 - 2:34 PM]    Name:David Raskin draskin@artic.edu, [Msgid=495898]   [IP Addr=]


"Took my son to Pike's Wildlife to see the drugged animals"

[Date/Time=08-28-2003 - 12:40 PM]    Name:Pudrick [Msgid=495916]   [IP Addr=]

Lake Strip

Spike Rubenstein for Governor? Must be the first step in his plan to get back at Schatten for the infamous "lake strip," that is, for tossing his "sandy" bed all the way into Towanda. Spike was so out-of-control (understandably) the neighbors called H who came running. Of course, H thought it was Seidy who'd done the stripping (again, understandable). First Louisianna, next the world!
[Date/Time=08-28-2003 - 2:35 PM]    Name:David Raskin draskin@artic.edu, [Msgid=496017]   [IP Addr=]

Spike's Lake Adventure

Spike's bed went into the Lake because Spike was already in there cussing up a storm. I think it was rest period and he didn't want to stay in the cabin, so he took a dive into the lake around the ski dock and start yelling and screaming. The bed toss was in lieu of going in after him (I ain't crazy). 'H' came storming down the ski area because neighbor's had called about Spikes yelling and swearing. My SC (I was a JC) who shall remain nameless (he now runs a large Northwoods camp) was up in the Sioux counselor room getting a back rub from a camper and laughing hysterically. It was the only time I ever got fined. H wasn't upset about the neighbors, Spike in the lake, or all the campers who were watching the event on the boardwalk during rest period. He fined me for throwing his mattress in the lake. 'Those things cost money' Sooorrry 'H'
[Date/Time=08-28-2003 - 6:58 PM]    Name:Red gschatten@comcast.net, [Msgid=496144]   [IP Addr=]