• Daaaaaaaaaaaa Bears!
    • Once again Coach Ditka has lulled you Packer fans into complacency. His ingenious plan cannot be revealed at this time, but let's just say it won't be long before deep dish pizzas are rolling into Lambeau Field.
      [Date/Time=10-08-2002 - 8:43 AM]    Gazzoo, dirwuf@aol.com, [Msgid=320286]


    • Ok, enough of a void and a fresh topic here...

      [Date/Time=10-10-2002 - 11:36 PM]    Pud, anaprfool@yahoo.com, [Msgid=321957]

    Got Boot?

    • In the late 70's I remember booting behind Winnebago while holding on to a rope tied around a birch tree. All I remember about that boot was that it was alcohol induced shortly after being summoned into the counselors room. At the 2000 reunion I found that tree and was amazed to see part of the rope peeking out from where the tree had grown around it and had almost covered it!
      Boot memory #2:
      Not mine, but the best projectile booting I ever witnessed was from Keith Benzuly hurling on Nancy's sweater at the point.
      [Date/Time=10-11-2002 - 8:17 PM]    Bosco, YaHeyDer@aol.com, [Msgid=322375]

    The Real Story...

    • My greatest booting was during the late 1970s as well (1978 to be exact), after my 1st Bucket Night experience. Somehow stumbling back to SemenHole and passing out in my clothes on top of my cot setup, while the majority of others managed to boot either in or on top of their sleeping bags, I managed to gastrically decorate several shelves that were around my setup with multi-colored, multi-textured vomit. Come daybreak, additionally and unbeknownst to me, I managed to lose utter and complete control of my other bodily functions and evidently found myself in possession of the largest and mushiest Lincoln Log that I've ever cranked out. The problem was twofold. First, it was inside my jeans. Second and of more concern to me, was how on earth was I to dispose of this mess without anyone knowing. While everyone was still in bed, I proceeded to remove the log and underwear and wrapped it all up in a large Sunday Chicago Sun-Times. I couldn't walk out of the cabin with the bundle in front of everyone. Since I had to substantially cleanse and desanitize the perinial area anyway, I proceeded and headed for the bathroom, where I spent about 20 minutes of time accomplishing such activity to conclusion. Since everyone was clearly awake and trying to get their wits about themselves, I noticed a couple shelf units in the bathroom and a rubber band as well. I secured the heap tightly with the rubber band and jammed it between the wall and the shelf unit. Peter was the first person to take care of business in the bathroom and, while he won't remember this, was completely taken by the awful stench. I distinctly remember telling him "it's all gone now and on the way to the mess hall." When we finally all made it to the Lodge for breakfast, I quite briskly retreated back to the cabin, retrieved the prize and heaved it deep into the woods.
      [Date/Time=10-11-2002 - 11:53 PM]    Pud, anaprfool@yahoo.com, [Msgid=322466]

    Too Much Pudfirmation

    • I think it's time for an intervention...

      [Date/Time=10-12-2002 - 12:19 AM]    Your Friendly Webmaster, , [Msgid=322475]

    RE: Pud's saga

    • Now that is what I call a heinous set up!!!!
      [Date/Time=10-12-2002 - 12:00 PM]    ggorchtrout, , [Msgid=322592]

    Who Remembers...?

    • Amazing what a name search turns up. For those that remember (and there appear to be a few) it ís Mr. Lifsec dropping in from NYC.

      Glad to see the Red Owl incident (memorialized in my mind as my own personal episode of "Scared Straight") remains a part of Timberlane lore...

      Hope this message finds everyone happy and healthy!
      [Date/Time=10-12-2002 - 6:02 PM]    B. Lifsac, bLifsac@yahoo.com, [Msgid=322724]

    Must see TV

    • You must tune in to TNN at 8:00 PM central time on Saturday evenings to watch this TRAMPBALL hybrid game called Slamball. I beleive this constitutes some type of copyright infringement on the old H's game...
      [Date/Time=10-12-2002 - 7:14 PM]    ggorchtrout, , [Msgid=322748]

    small world

    • I just got home from another 'exciting' real estate conference in San Antonio. While there I meet a guy from Indy and I start asking if he knows any camp people, he says he doesn't but it sounds like the camp that Mark Perlstein went to. It turns out that Mark works for the same company as this guy and he was also at the conference. We have probably been to the same meetings a dozen times and never knew it. Mark and I visited/talked about camp for a few minutes that night and I told him what eveyone was up to. Small world...
      [Date/Time=10-13-2002 - 10:19 PM]    Danny B, dburing@tscgtn.com, [Msgid=323169]

    Ya never know where a Timber guy will show up

    • After over 20 years, I ran into Paul Rosenblum on Saturday night. Paul told me he loved going up on the grundy nail. A definite over achiever, Paul has an attractive wife and 3 kids. Told me to say hi to all Timber guys.
      [Date/Time=10-14-2002 - 1:39 PM]    marksy, , [Msgid=323442]

    Another Timber-encounter

    • Another Timber-encounter:

      My first Fall Campout as an Indian Guide dad with my oldest son Eliah. One of my fellow tribe-members is Marty Carney who was at Timberlane for a couple of years in the late '70s. We shared campfire and coached our kids through archery and riflery. Late night stories for the kids included "The Monkey's Paw" and the traditional first campfire story of the fraternity man on the train with H. Lots of shared memories.
      [Date/Time=10-14-2002 - 7:41 PM]    Shimmy, jhiken@insightbb.com, [Msgid=323613]

    das boot!

    • back to pud's subject...my most memorable technicolor yawn was out by the stables after drinking way too much (any is too much) Peppermint Schnapps as a CIT...the smell of the stuff still makes me retch
      [Date/Time=10-14-2002 - 10:25 PM]    JMoss, embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=323680]

    Montezumas revenge

    • JayMoss, thanks for keeping us focused, not to discount Timber-drive bys. Pud, thanks for the great laugh this mornin! Would like to know how BIG that log was?!? My favorite "T-personal protien spill" was at Clear Lake??? where we use to do all cabin overnights. "The Gang" all lost our minds from Tequila. We had a "group-boot" when we were safely in our tent. All I know is Goodman broke his arm, and in the AM I layed down a corn-filled mound along the trail, that someone mistakenly thought was bear shit! O what a night! Mishlove you were the best!
      [Date/Time=10-17-2002 - 5:48 AM]    petroff, nanpeter@attbi.net, [Msgid=324919]

    The Tax Man Cometh Again!

    • So I'm walking out of Treasure Island in Vegas at about 12:30 am after seeing "Mystere,"...I see this guy, do a triple take and then realize it's Jeff Taxman! He was amazed I recognized him, but I swear to god he looks the same...same hairdo!...nice Timber kizmet moment.
      [Date/Time=10-20-2002 - 10:39 PM]    JMoss, embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=326394]

    FIrst Year Power Boot!!

    • As a first year camper in Blackfoot I did not quite know the deadly nature of the sausage links that H would feed us. It was the end of camp for the season, footlockers were packed, and I filled Sammy Ellman's open locker with a horrific sausage overdose. It was payback time for sleeping under The Fart King. I have not eaten a link sausage since 1967.

      Other toxic stories include: dragging Todd Chapman by his ankles from Sioux cabin to the infirmary after a Southern Comfort overdose; picking up the Canadian trip in the white travelall with Rosy booting out the back side window, down the rear quarterpanel, all the way to Virginia, MN where the kingpins were replaced; and of course, the famous Fair Dinkum power boot after a bucket of Jack at the Whale and another 9 shots at the dink, three days of colorful hangover after the initial death boot.

      [Date/Time=10-21-2002 - 9:53 AM]    Coner/Conehead, medgasco@aol.com, [Msgid=326521]

    Small World.....No Boot

    • Back in '86 I ran into Andy Rabin in front of the main train station in Amsterdam. I did not boot on him, but I did find myself chemically incapacitated shortly thereafter.
      [Date/Time=10-21-2002 - 3:42 PM]    Red, gaschatten@attbi.com, [Msgid=326691]

    Soldier Field

    • In August of 1979, during a pre-season Bears game with the Webmaster Extraordinaire of this site, we saw Gary Garten walking outside of Soldier Field. It was the same night Patriots' Daryl Stingley was hit and paralyzed for life.
      [Date/Time=10-22-2002 - 11:35 PM]    Pud, anaprfool@yahoo.com, [Msgid=327384]

    What a Coinicidence!

    • The night I was hit and paralyzed for life, Pud and Gazzoo ran into Gary Garten outside Soldier Field!
      [Date/Time=10-23-2002 - 4:06 AM]    Patriots' Daryl Stingley, , [Msgid=327451]

    Senior Moment!!

    • What did Gary Garten do at camp and who did he hang out with?? I can't picture him in my mind. Was he a ski team guy? Anyway, I guess I'm lucky to remember any of those 70's years at Camp Timberlane for Counselors!!
      [Date/Time=10-23-2002 - 12:22 PM]    Coner/Conehead, Medgasco@aol.com, [Msgid=327622]

    Am I wrong

    • I recall Gary as a riding guy...
      [Date/Time=10-23-2002 - 1:34 PM]    I knew Gary, , [Msgid=327667]

    More memories...

    • I was the SC of the PA cabin in 1975. On our overnight, somehow, someway, there was alcohol. I think Wally Posner broke a body part, but I'm fuzzy on the detail. Anyone recall? BTW with great regret, I will not be at JP's party in Vegas. I'm doing a comedy show for 3 nights here in Tucson that weekend (sort of like a Pow Wow Day songs and cheers, but in a bar. Drink a shot for me.
      [Date/Time=10-24-2002 - 10:55 AM]    Lee Glicksman, benzachg@opus1.com, [Msgid=328228]


    • Wish I could be at the Glicksman Schtick-Fest! I still think some of the funniest bits I ever witnessed were during Pow Wow/U.N. (The Improv of the North Woods). Nice to see someone taking it to the next level!
      [Date/Time=10-24-2002 - 7:11 PM]    JMoss, embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=328487]

    Take it to the next level

    • Lee: Just for clarification. After you do your standup routine in the club, do you turn up the houselights...pair off the audience and do Indian Leg Wrestling? Just curious???
      [Date/Time=10-25-2002 - 9:08 AM]    marksy, , [Msgid=328678]


    • Indian Leg Wrestling: Besides Bullsh***ing, the only thing Todd Chapman was ever good at!
      [Date/Time=10-25-2002 - 2:28 PM]    JMoss, , [Msgid=328818]

    Leffel's Post

    • Just read Leffel's blurb in the "Announcements" section...think he might be confusing Tushball and Trampball...even the most enthusiastic P.I. attorney would have a hard time characterizing tush as a high risk sport!
      [Date/Time=10-25-2002 - 2:34 PM]    JMoss, , [Msgid=328820]

    Tushball is dangerous too

    • Moss: You are mistaken. The right side of the Timber Tushball Court featured a cement sitting area which could absolutely be classified as a potentially dangerous hazard.
      [Date/Time=10-25-2002 - 3:04 PM]    Seen kids wipeout , , [Msgid=328830]

    More Chapman/Tushball

    • Speaking of Chapman (Robbie) and tushball, I pushed him into the wall as he was hitting the ball into the "then" arts & crafts shop and he got a very bloody face in 1971. I was also very fortunate to have won an all-camp tushball event in the early 80s. Speaking of Todd, he's the only one who I've ever known who claimed to have skied on a baseball bat and the real reason for his divorce had to do with him constantly eating fish sandwiches while driving. He and Scooter would have made great brothers.
      [Date/Time=10-25-2002 - 6:09 PM]    Pud, anaprfool@yahoo.com, [Msgid=328921]

    A bit off topic but...

    Big Hand!

    • Going back to favorite H sayings...(just thought of one today that made me laugh)..loved it when someone was at the campfire singing or entertaining in some way, then H would decide enough was enough and cut the person off with a "BIG HAND!"...which was his equivalent of "The Hook."...that always slayed me.
      [Date/Time=10-30-2002 - 7:04 PM]    JMoss, embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=331324]


    • I don't recall any of the ones specifically...but H had some classic lines that he delivered every year at Parents Weekend. Anyone remember any of them...
      [Date/Time=10-31-2002 - 11:17 AM]    Anyone, Buehler....., , [Msgid=331587]