Greetings from Harold Hiken

Welcome back to camp! I want to tell you how much you have all meant to our lives. Sharon and I think often about our twenty-seven years at Timberlane, and the warmth it brings us is incredible. I particularly recall how many of you started off as campers, moved on to be counselors, and taught your campers to love camp and profit from their experiences as much as you did.

I keep looking back at our 40 Year Reunion and how even though our campfire started at 7:30 and ended at midnight, it could have gone on another full day. We were particularly touched by the Key Log ceremony, hearing how you all loved camp, and how much it still means to you later in life.

When I started Timberlane I was also a math teacher, and the plan was for me to teach only five more years. However, I loved working with the students so much that when the five years were up I couldn't stop. I have now taught for forty-seven years and am Coordinator of a math program at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. I turned seventy-five years old on September 12th, and I guess I still love what I do.

If you didn't know, I joined with Billy and Mary Fried in 1989 to reopen Camp Agawak for Girls (only a few miles from Timberlane), and was their partner up until 2001. I still continue to head up their campfires and some of the singing at meals, and the songs they love best are the Timberlane songs. We have ten grandchildren, the first seven were girls and the last three were boys. I make audio tapes for them when they reach three; I sing camp songs and tell stories, and they listen when they go to bed.

We'd love to hear what's going on in your lives. Please write us at or call us during the summer at (715) 356-9288, and during the rest of the year at (262) 242-7577. Again, thanks for being such an important part of our lives...