The happy couple at The Rendezvous...

...where ribs were devoured

Gazzoo gives JP some marriage advice

MP and Greg Schatten

Danny and Sabrina can't wait for the tour to begin as the Gorchoffs look on

At Graceland, Madison Gassel meets Mini-Him

Joey and his dad at Payne's BBQ

Rick Mossler belts out a tune at the rehearsal dinner

Don't let this pic fool you, he wasn't that funny

Shutterbugs Jeff Mossler and Jim Hiken, Catherine Mossler directs the action

Bob Heilbronner and David Goodman congratulate the groom

Alan Klein and Lonnie Lazar

Jeff Mossler, Pete Kaufman, Gary Gorchoff and Danny Plattner

The first dance

Table 22

2 Hiken offspring

Sabrina and Danny

Bobby Handmaker and his fiance Cynthia

Michelle and Danny Buring

Catherine and Jeff Mossler

Rob Schiller and Bobby Handmaker

Richelle and Rick Mossler

The Gazzoos

Joey and Billie cut the cake...actually just a piece for themselves, then they bolted.

The Radiators

No, Jeff Mossler did not just get thrown in the lake

Lonnie Lazar onstage with the band

Howard Segal, Nancy Gorchoff, Debra Segal

I guess Pete Kaufman couldn't find a yarmulke

Frank Pierce and MP realize that Joey is heterosexual

I guess you had to be there...

No fingers?

The next morning MP tries to figure out how he got back to the hotel