Sat. Morning July 10th 1971

Dear Parents,

There is a conspiracy afoot against H.H.---this must be the reason---believe it or not but three cabins-one in each village-won seven consecutive honor cabins in a row and with this tremendous achievement each of the cabins has won a pizza dinner at Mama’s in Minocqua. Well, our younger cabin group, the CHEROKEE cabin, duded themselves up and went for their pizza treat and as they entered Mama’s, all eyes fell on the group because rarely had Mama’s seen 10 more likable and appealing youngsters---the boys sat down and ordered pizza and pizza and pizza and as it came they devoured it with a vengeance. The babbling was quite mixed as accents from all parts of the country were displayed amongst the group. An old couple asked the boys were from and the boys responded with a Timberlane song. The couple was most impressed and before our boys could finish the meal, two tremendous additional pizzas were deposited on their table with the compliments of the couple who had quizzed them, and everybody had a wonderful time.

The days aren’t long enough and the end of our first session is closing in on us. Remember these words---when some of the boys return to their homes, they are going to be excited with the thoughts of the many things they’re going to do at home: the steaks they’re going to eat, and the fun that they’re going to have. But after one or two days at home, they are going to want to go skiing or canoeing, or fishing, or play tennis, or ride horses, or shoot riflery, or jump on the trampoline, and they are going to start climbing the walls, so this is a warning. I know the feeling, and I know that it is then that they will realize just how wonderful a time they have had at camp, and they’ll then begin to understand what camp really means. And I include even those couple of guys who could think only of the time that they would be back home again. But I’ve taken countless number of movie shots showing your boys in action and during the fall and winter months, I’ll make it a point to try to come to your community and show you shots of your boys in action.

Lot’s and lot’s of things going on at camp this week--- tripping, tripping and more tripping. We’ve got two three day canoe trips out on the lakes, and they are due to come back to camp this morning. We sent out a twilight horseback riding trip Thursday evening, and after a two hour ride, the boys hitched up the horses and set u[p their tents and campfire site---then they made a little snack of cocoa, marshmallow and other goodies, told stories and finally went back and made bacon, eggs, toast and all the rest,m and had a wonderful breakfast on the trail. After the meal, the boys returned to camp in time to begin their morning activities. This afternoon we are going to send out a golf trip to the Plum Lake Golf course, have planned a special fishing trip, and our Timberbat Water ski Team (a skiing team made up of our campers who are excellent water skiers and tour other carps putting on a wonderful ski show) will be practicing all afternoon for their show at Camp Pine mere on Monday evening at twilight. We have a number of new acts this year, and in one of them, a camper sits on top of a chair which is placed on top of a disc and he rides the wake of the water. in another new act, we have a five man human pyramid and it’s a thing of beauty to behold.. All of our camp just finished their second ratings in terms of their ability as skiers, and the improvement amongst the campers was most evident. When they write you that they are a number 6 or a number 3, they are speaking about their skill in ratings as a skier, we are also going to have a tennis tournament today, and we are going t pair up boys in different age categories to play trampoline baseball which is a most exciting and appealing game and you don’t have to be too good to play the game. We plan to send a group to Rhinelander to a special field archery course and they will shoot at a series of 9 archery targets set up in the woods at various angle positions---it is something that the boys will certainly enjoy. The Badger Open Ski Tournament is being conducted this weekend, and at 2:30 P.M. on Sunday, our better skiers are going to have a chance to watch the tournament and to see skiers throughout the country perform their feats of jumping on skis over a distance of 100 feet in the air or joke---it should be something special for the obeys. We’re tired right now, and we’ll be having our second lazy breakfast on Sunday morning---during the last one, half the camp slept till 9:30 A.M. , but our younger boys still got up at 7 A.M. and they all milled around the kitchen getting ready to help us make breakfast. You should have seen the boys working to prepare the meal. Rock Kiter was making the toast, and as he started to butter it, one side was white and the other was black, and we usually apply the butter with a special brush---he was using a blue paint brush---luckily I asked him why he was using the paint brush and he replied that he couldn’t find the regular butter brush The meal was really delicious, however, and we used up 36 dozen eggs and 22 lbs. of bacon.

Sunday night will be “Movie Night,” and we’ll be showing THE GREAT CHASE which is a first class flicker---the showing will be accompanied by all the pop corn and coke that the boys can eat and drink. Monday starts individual cabin overnights, and we’re going to try to get out as many cabins as possible on one night overnights that they’ll always remember. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that our All Star teams played camp Arrowhead on Thursday, and we had the Juniors decked out in a rainbow type of Tie-dye T-shirts and they looked just precious. They went to the other camp and we waited and waited for the results. Two and a half hours later, our van and station wagon came into camp with the horns blaring, and the boys were singing the Timber lane victory song. David Daskal jumped out of the car and whooped, “I hit a grand slam homer.” Everybody else was gleeful and they really whomped the other camp. Our Intermediate team also won 14-4 and they were wearing blue sweatshirts and looked really businesslike Our Senior Team however met it’s match against a group and they were crestfallen, but after the loss they got together and cheered their opponents and went over to congratulate them. I think that they learned more in defeat that they might have in victory and after they shook hands with their opponents, I was even prouder of them.

Monday night we’ll be playing infiltration, a game in which boys have clues hidden in their clothes and they must try to get through the enemy lines without having the clues discovered amongst their clothing--it’s a fascinating and exciting game. Tuesday night we’ll be having a special campfire night and one of our counselors plays an accordian-so I’m going to rig up a basss fiddle made out of a wash tub broom stick and a piece of string, Jeff Antonic will play the drums and Salty will play his accordion and we’re going to have a real combo for the boys. Wednesday is our cruiser day and we have a tremendous day planned for the boys. Last time, we were able to use Holiday Park all afternoon and we had the complete use of a tremendous slide and a jumperino which is a large bag filled with air and the boys jump on top of the bag and really fly around the bag.

3 Hrs. Later--- Interruptions. Interruptions---I must start at 5:00 A.M. or I’ll never get my newsletter done...So, I’ve gone to the infirmary, looked myself on the top floor, put on a NO ADMITTANCE SIGN, and am holed up here till this letter is done...I’ve got to chuckle about our social with Camp Ohtanagon that was held last Thursday. We came to their camp with our younger boys rigged up their amplifier speaker and set up a gigantic speaker system and the all systems were gogo. Those poor girls didn’t get a chance to sit down all night, and my daughter Nancy who attends Ohtanagon directed the entire operation and made sure that all boys danced with the girls. When the night was almost over a lot of the boys were holding the hands of the girls and promising that they’d write the girls. It was a delightful sight and some of our perpetual bachelors had begun to have second thoughts about their future course in life. Our boys are clamoring for a return bout. I don’t think I can stand it.

Yesterday night before the evening service, our drama department put on a wonderful series of skits and one of the cutest ones was a depiction of Laurel and Hardy doing a typical scene in which Hardy (the fat one) ends up getting soused with catchup and Laurel causing the damage. We also have a cute Saucy sexy girl (played by one of our male campers in the scene. The skit was so good that I took a picture of it and will show it to you at our reunions. Our youngest cabin in preparation for the social we had took dancing lessons in the cabin and you would have split your sides if you could seen the little ones gyrating and wiggling to the tune of a modern pop song. It looked like a lot of little guys with ants in their pants... In fact one kid’s pants fell off while he was rotating and we had to slow him and put his pants back on again. Our radio class visited a radio station in Minocqua and the boys were interviewed on the radio---It was quite a thrill for the boys.

Parent letters are being sent out tomorrow and you should get them in a couple of days. These are more detailed letters and again, I'd like you to take a few minutes and acknowledge these letters to the staff members. Thursday Night will again be an organized free period and we will let the boys take many activities during the evening, and I know that this will be regular schedule, and on Friday, July 16th at 7:00 P.M. you are invited to attend our Visitor’s Weekend. do not plan to come into camp earlier as we do not want to have you interrupt our program. You are welcome to see the Friday evening program and say goodnight to your boys. On Saturday, you will be our guest during the day, and we’ll take you through 3 activities in the morning. In the afternoon, you will be our guest for lunch, and then we’ll have a riding show, our Timberbats will perform and we’ll have a lot of fun in the afternoon. You are allowed to take the kids out for dinner and all boys staying at camp will be treated to a special pizza dinner and malts that our cook is preparing for the them. If you want to invite other campers to go with you, whose parents will not be at the visiting weekend, let us know, and we will make arrangements for the boys. Many boys whose parents aren’t coming to camp will be out on canoe trips, and all boys will have a good time, so don’t worry if you can’t make it. when you get to Woodruff, Wis., come up Hiway 51 heading Northwest until you see a sign saying “Airport Road” --(3 miles from right and come in 3/4 miles from Woodruff) Turn left and come in two miles until you see our camp sign--turn right and come in 3/4 mile into our camp. Our telephone number is 715-356-6022.

Upcoming events-- Another social-- the movie Oliver-- U.N, Day-- Yeah-- it’s great and I’ll try to make it greater-- and it’s fun-- you’ve got to feel the throbbing of the camp-- thanks for your wonderful notes of appreciation about the Newsletter-- you keep reading it, and I’ll keep typing it out-- no more room-- so until next week, lot’s of things to do-- it’s a blast..