Monday Morning 6:45 A.M. July 26, 1971

Dear Parents,

Cold and ugly outside this morning--- All of our Canadian Canoe trippers have just shoved off and it’s very quiet now at camp. On Saturday morning our 1st session boys left and the day previous to their departure I spent many hours making sure that all plans were set for their departure. This year we had 70% staying on for the summer so it wasn’t going to be too hectic getting the boys ready that were going home, I thought, I had worked into the wee hours of the night Thursday getting things ready and on Friday morning the campers all got up and we assembled at the flagpole. I gave out the final instructions and after breakfast I assemble the 4 weekers and told them of their transportation plans home. The boys packed their footlockers and put their sleeping bags on their bed, because on Saturday morning they would rise and simply put the sleeping bag in their duffel and be ready to depart.

Friday was a busy day as we had our full schedule of activities in the morning and also during the afternoon. It was rating day in water skiing and we also had to prepare for two upcoming meets against two other camps. Each of your boys worked hard to help any of his cabin mates that were departing get ready for his trip home. On Friday evening we had our key log ceremony and it was very touching to hear so many guys come up to the fire and give thanks for the most wonderful summer of their lives. We told stories and sang songs at the campfire, and suddenly the 4 weekers realized that this was it--- and they were going home the next day--- and they felt bad--- I know they did... One boy who had been having an especially tough time in terms of fellow campers teasing him came up to me with tears in his eyes. On a number of occasions he had complained to me about fellow campers picking on him or teasing him, so I thought “Here we go again, someone has teased him again.” He shuffled up to me and said “H.H. I’ve got to talk to you.” “What’s up, _______I murmured.” He said, “H.H., can I stay for the last 4 weeks. Even though the other guys teased me sometimes, this was the best summer of my life.” You can’t imagine the thrill I got out of this comment. We reached a kid, and that made my day complete.

After the boys left the next morning, we all sat down on the athletic field and I told the boys that each man had to pitch in and get his cabin ready for the next guys that were coming to camp. Everybody pitched in and when they were done we offered ski clinics, riflery, tennis, archery, general swim, boating, canoeing and sailing, and had an outdoor lunch set for the boys. It was kind of a lazy morning and early afternoon and then the bringing our Milwaukee boys came into camp. The gong rang and everybody ran to the flagpole area to meet the boys. Cabin assignments were made and the boys took their gear to their new cabins. They then took their physicals, swim tests, scuba (if they were interested) tests, riding tests, (if they signed up for it) and later the rest of the boys came up via plane and bus to camp and did the same thing. Right after dinner the entire camp signed up for activities and we were set for the entire new schedule for Sunday morning. That means that in just 6 hrs. We had tested the new boys, set up physicals, and signed up for new activities. It’s also strange how quickly campers acclimate themselves at camp because by the 1st evening, we were a unified camp again and the old timers had already made many new friends and all the boys were anxiously discussing plans for the coming week.

Time Out--- (I’m reading my mail this morning). Oh, what a glorious morning even if it’s miserable outside. Two beautiful letters from parents who were so thrilled with their son’s experience at camp this year. Boy, it really warms up this room when I get those kind of notes---thank you for taking the time to write me, --- so now I’m motivated and the rest of this letter will be an extra special good one for you.------- soooooo many things going on this week. Our Canadian Canoe trip shoved off for Bemidji, Minnesota this morning and I sent them off with a piping hot meal and lot’s of back slapping. The rats stole the clapper to our gong and hit it as we found out when we tried to rouse the camp at 7:45 A.M. The Canadian trip will be gone for over 10 days and it should be a wonderful trip. Well, as I said, when I started to ring the gong, no gong. So I took a hammer and pounded on the gong. Particles of paint pelted my head and I almost lost my hearing while hitting the bell and standing underneath it. The camp awoke and we all filed to the flagpole. I told them what we would see the moon shot on T.V. which we had wet up and we all watched the moon shot which was most interesting. I might add that last night we saw a movie, “THE FLIM FLAM MAN,” with George C. Scott, and we had a peanut and coke party as we watched the film. It was the best one we’ve seen thus far, and that includes the film. “OLIVER,” which we saw last weekend. During the day, we were on full schedule and the boys were busily engaged in activities. We also held Intermediate and Senior All Star Tryouts yesterday, and we’ll be playing against Camp Interlaken on Thursday in softball, archery, Tennis and basketball and we’re playing Camp Red Arrow in Jr. and Intermediate softball on Saturday as well as archery and riflery. Thursday evening our Timberlane Timberbats puts on a ski show at Camp Ohtanogan and we are sending a group of athletes to Green Bay, Wisconsin to see the Green Bay Packers participate in the important Inter squad football game. It should be a wonderful contest. Our tripping program is going full swing and a two day trip over rough water goes out this morning.

Sunday morning our advanced scuba class will be visiting Lake Superior and will be spending two days in the area doing shallow dives in Lake Superior. They are most excited and have been working hard for this trip. On Sunday evening I have chartered a bus and our boys will visit Camp Ohtangan to see their all camp musical which is the highlight program of their season. I want our boys to have an opportunity to see a real good camp musical. We don’t know the name of it as yet because it is being kept a secret. During the week we’ll be having our first blue and white competition of the 2nd session and tonight they’ll be competing in 13 different contests--- it will be lots of competition and will help them sleep tonight. Tomorrow is campfire night and we’ll be doing lots of singing and story telling. Wednesday evening will be a chance for some of our boys to see the Minocquabats do their water ski show and Thursday will be an All Camp Capture the Flag contest. Friday is our special key log service and we’ll also read the wills for the second session. Saturday night will be an organized Free evening and I want you to know that the boys are going to be dragging. We’ll have a lazy breakfast probably on Monday morning after the Ohtanagon Musical and it will be needed by the boys.

The second visiting weekend will be coming up on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 13th and 14th, and if you haven’t visited us yet, you’re invited to attend. Your son’s counselors are sending a note to each of you and a picture of your son’s cabin group during the second session. I am so pleased at the quick transition your sons have made and we’re in full swing---- it’s great to be a Director today, and keep your letters coming to the boys and me--- we eat them up. Yep,’re kids are loving camp and learning ---they get older each day that passes bye. I’ll write you next week----Bye Bye