We just wanted to wish everyone the happiest of New Years; and look forward to seeing (or meeting for the first time) you all at Reunion 2000. Be assured that the Tramp-Ball court and swim area are Y2K compliant.

Also, we want to give special thanks to Brian "Bosco" Schlossberg for his work in composing the special New Years staff photo.


Larry Gelin (1981-1989 alumnus) has been added to TimberBase.


Humbug! A bunch of new photos are up around the site, particularly in the Cabin Photo Archive...speaking of which, I really need your help confirming the years on these shots...I've had to guess on quite a few.


Joe Shneider, Brian Plotkin and Paul Rosenblum have been added to TimberBase. Paul writes that he's a bond trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, married his wife Jennifer in 1993, and has 2 boys...Eddie (4 years) and Jonathan (16 months).


A few years back, under trying circumstances, Peter Kaufman wrote a heartful poem remembering his days at Timberlane. For the complete story, and to read the poem, click here. It will also be available as Pete's TimberBase link.

Steve Dillard (1984-91) been added to TimberBase, and Jon Heller's e-mail address has changed.


The 1984 Pow Wow Day Roster is now available, courtesy of The Susman Archives, and transcription by the lovely Heidi Gassel.


Due to the great number of messages in The Central Area, I've decided to archive all posts prior to December on a separate page. All future months will also be archived separately on the ARCHIVE page. I'm doing this so the current 'Central Area' will not take too long to load.


The Bulletin Board has been renamed The Central Area.

Steve Safer has been added to TimberBase.

Charlie Groves has relocated to Three Oaks, Michigan.


Mike Cohen has started posting a list of 40th Anniversary Reunion attendees which will be updated regularly, although he'll be out town for the next 10 days or so. The link will also regularly appear on our main index.


Mark and Sandy Faiwell have finally been added to TimberBase. Mark writes that they live in Buffalo Grove, IL. He owns a window treatment business called The Window Shoppe Ltd. They have 2 daughters, one entering college next year at the University of Iowa, and the other to be a junior in high school.


Some sad news, former Timberlane camper Mike "Spanky" Egvedt died recently...apparently in an auto accident in Washington state. Mike was from Minocqua, attended camp in the mid 80's, and was the stepson of Ken from Ken's Marine. Tom Callahan remembers him as "a great kid who hung out a lot with the counselors".


Amy Larson (81-83) has been added to TimberBase. She tells us... I arrived at camp at the end of the 1979 summer...I was a Porter girl first, actually, then worked at camp from 1981 to 1983 in the kitchen. Pretty glamorous, I know. This site brings back some memories I thought were IBT'd away long ago. I live in Charleston, SC (hearing all those "ya'lls" at camp surely drove me south). I'm a technical writer for a computer software company called Blackbaud. In other words, I write those thick manuals no one reads (they do make lovely doorstops). I also sing jazz standards with a trio at a swanky restaurant downtown on weekends. I've attached a picture.


Bobby Handmaker has been added to TimberBase. He writes... I live in Louisville, KY and I am the Vice President of Corporate Development and Principal of Main Street Management. We are a restaurant company kind of like Lettuce Entertain You, many units and we manage other restaurants.


We've just added a bulletin board to the site, called The Central Area...leave a message, give us your thoughts, but please be kind!


1978's Newsletter #8 from the David Susman collection is now online, courtesy of Heidi and her nimble fingers.


Danny Buring has sent along some pics you can now find throughout the site...and I'm still working on batches from Jeff Mossler, Bob Heilbronner and Joey Pierce.


Mike Cohen has started sending out applications for next summers 40th Anniversary Reunion. I encourage you to register as soon as may fill up very quickly. A great number of those on the TimberBase have told me they hope to attend. I recently spoke with H, and he is very much looking forward to seeing everyone.

For updated information on the reunion, including how to register, click here.


Three artifacts from Pow Wow Day 1981 are now online; the team rosters, the Crow team song sheet, and an activity signup sheet, also from Crow.


Bill "Shoppe" Doner (1970-81) has been added to TimberBase. He writes... I live in Dayton, Ohio and have 2 boys; Craig 11 and Bradley 8. They both attended the "new" Timberlane last summer. I am the operations manager in the family scrap business in Dayton, Ohio. Am looking forward to the reunion. I think you must have digitally opened my fly on that cabin picture you have posted. I will try to find the original because I'm sure I NEVER would have taken a picture with my fly open, Ha! I found the site out from Sharon and HH. I went and picked up the boys at camp and got to see the old H and his place on beautiful Lake Towanda.


Steve Trager (1968-73) and Sammy Schulman (1972-74) have been added to TimberBase.

Steve writes...Within a span of a week I had two people in Louisville tell me about the site--Jim Hiken and Mark Blieden. I have a wife Amy, and children Kevin (10), and Emily (7). CEO of Republic Bank in Louisville.

Sammy writes... I am originally from Louisville, and now reside in Miami. I am married with 3 kids and am the CFO for the Miami Heat basketball team. I have been with the team since its inception 12 years ago.


I've received armloads of new pictures from Joey Pierce and Bob Heilbronner that will take a couple of weeks to get online...the first batch is up. Keep checking back!


Terry Goldin (1963-73) has been added to TimberBase.

Lonnie Lazar has released a new CD entitled "Save Yourself". Click here to read more about the disk, hear Real Audio excerpts, and get info on how to purchase it.


David Buring (1969-73) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...I own a company that sells chemicals, and am also in the billboard business. I'm married and have two daughters.

You may have noticed that we've added a "Hot List" to TimberBase. This will be an informal list of prominent alumni we are often asked about, but can't seem to locate. Your help finding them is appreciated...


Still more pics from Jeff Mossler, including the staff photo from the 1982 Porter's Gymanstics Camp. The rest you're going to have to find on your own.


More pics from Jeff Mossler...Jon Heller as Yoda, Pete Kaufman as who knows what, and a 1970 Chippewa cabin photo.


The second-session All-Camp photos from 1970 are now available, courtesy of Jeff Mossler. He also sent along his 1970 Memory Book portrait, and a cool shot of Tom Callahan on the ski dock.


Steve Lebau (jeez, ANOTHER attorney) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...I just stumbled across your site while looking for camps for my ten-year old son, Sander. The site brings back great memories. I am 39.8 years old as of today, married to a shrink, with 3 cats, soon two great danes, and two kids (10 and 6). I have my own law firm with several lawyers. We are firm that represents employees in employee benefit and employment law matters. We have been in Baltimore for 10 years where my wife did her residency.


Brian Schlossberg sent me a whole bunch of shots from the 1985 staff reunion; so many that I've decided to devote a whole page to photos of the event. You can find the link here and in the Memory Book Photo Gallery.


A "family-friendly" edit of Bob Heilbronner's 1977 UN Day speech is now available in Timber-Audio

The song sheet for the Teton Pow Wow Day team (1981?) is now available on the Songs & Cheers page. Thanks to David Raskin for locating this.


Another Real Audio clip is now available on the Timber-Audio page. It's the beginning of Rick Kagen's speech for Columbia on UN Day, 1977. That's Harold yelling "Quiet" at the start of the clip.


TIMBERLANE ALUMNI APPAREL is now available thru David Branovan's ABC Gifts. The link will also be on our main index. Thanks to Dave and Dean Sailt for putting this together.

Mike Levitt (1972-75) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...I live in St. Louis with my wife Lori and my three kids, Mark, 11, Jeff, 8 and Elizabeth, 9 months. I am an attorney with Deutsche Financial Services, a unit of Deutsche Bank. I would love to hear from anyone.


Bob Glik (1964-65) has been added to TimberBase. A bunch of new photos from 1976 to 1979 are now available, courtesy of Greg Schatten.


Doug David' s wife Peggy recently gave birth to a son, Wiliam Joseph.


I've finally been able to post a Real Audio clip. It's a song by the 1977 UN Day team Thailand. You can find it on the new TIMBER-AUDIO page. If you don't have the free RealPlayer, I've included a link to their site. More clips will be coming soon, and don't hestitate to send me yours.


Jory Cahn has been added to TimberBase.


Issue #10 of TIMBERLIFE from 1979 is now online. Now ALL issues from 1975 thru 1981 are up (thanks to Heidi's diligent work). However, we really need your help locating copies from 1982 to 1986. I'm not even sure TIMBERLIFE was produced during those years...any info would be appreciated.


Issues #9, 11, and 12 of TIMBERLIFE from 1979 and 1980 are now online. The 1980 issues come courtesy of the David Susman Collection, and once again special thanks to Heidi for the quick transcriptions and support.


Howard Segal has been added to TimberBase.


Bob Barenholtz and David Susman have been added to TimberBase. David writes...My last year at Timberlane was 1984. The next year I moved away from my hometown of Oak Park Illinois and lived in Madison Wisconsin (5 years), Warsaw Poland (5 years), Milwaukee Wisconsin (3 years), and Rockford Illinois (2 years). About 4 weeks ago, I bought the house I grew up in back in Oak Park. I've been married to Ava for 5+ years and have two children, Helen (3) and Adam (5 months). I've kept in regular contact with Meadow, and irregular contact with a few others. I'd love to hear from any and all who may be passing through the Chicago area.


Bernie Schachter has been added to TimberBase. He writes...I can't tell you how great this Timberlane web site is!! Danny Buring sent it along to me at work yesterday and after I opened it up, well, lets just say it wasn't my most productive work day. Let me give you the quick rundown on my life since the reunion of 1985...

Happily married to Benita Addison Schachter for 16 yearrs, with 3 fabulous kids (Michael 12, Abby 8, and Sam 1); live in Westborough MA (Boston suburb); I've been in Real Estate with Staples for 5 years, currently VP Property Management , (I see a lot of the country in my work so I plan to use the TimberBase in my travels!!). I had an up and down career in Real Estate Development through the 80's. Turning 40 in November...a lot of my old buddies just got there ahead of me this year. We went to family camp at Agawak about 6 years ago and hope to make it back soon (say so every year...). Have kept in touch with Josh Taxman, but unfortunately have lost touch with so many others. I try to stay in shape by playing hoops, some tennis, softball, it's a struggle... I may have some old camp photos around from the Porkies and a Canadian or two; If I find them I'll send them along. Add me to the TimberBase and I look forward to keeping up with it. Hope to see you next summer (at the 40th Anniversary Reunion) if I can get out there for it!


Mike Cohen has put up the official 40th Anniversary Reunion Information Page, which will be available thru a link on our main index.


Danny Buring has been added to TimberBase.


Neil Heller has been added to TimberBase.

Mike Cohen confirms that the dates for the 40th Anniversary Reunion are set for August 17 thru August 20, 2000. He says a web page with all the info will be ready in the next month, and a link to it will be available here.

BIG NEWS!!! David Branovan is soon going to make available special Timberlane alumni T-shirts and sweatshirts thru his company, ABC Gifts. These (and other Timberwear) will be available online, so stay tuned for further details.


Bob Komisar has been added to TimberBase. He writes...You kind of get a little emotional looking at this stuff. I definitely am interested in renewing contact with all of the people that were a large part of my life in "Gods Country", Woodruff and Minocqua, Wisconsin. I am married and have three boys (I should say four ("Rocket" is my three year old Golden) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a partner in my own CPA and management consulting firm in Milwaukee and travel a good portion of the U.S.A. My specialty is the construction industry. Still am active in team sports and biking and running in order to keep the weight off. I was just in Minocqua two weeks ago and drove my wife crazy about the special times at Timberlane. They just can't understand if they were not there! I look forward to hearing from you and all of my friends from the past. In closing, I look forward to the reunion and will attempt to relive 11 years in one weekend. Boy, that sounds dangerous!


A bunch of new photos are now online, including recent shots of Harold, Timber-alumni, and some of your favorite Minocqua locales that are not what they used to be. Check out Post Camp to see these.

There are also some new
cabin shots, and I really need your help to confirm or correct the years I've estimated on most of them.


Just back from a long weekend in Minocqua as Bill and Mary Fried are hosting "Family Camp" at Agawak. We visited with Harold and Sharon, Gary and Nancy Gorchoff, Bob Heilbronner, Ed Fried, Mike Fried, Josh Taxman, Dean Salit, and Mike Pierce. Heidi really wowed them with her in-depth knowledge of Timberlane (retyping all those old newsletters and Timberlifes has paid off) Bill and Mary have added or updated many structures and the place really looks remarkable.

There was some discussion about the 40th anniversary reunion that Mike Cohen is planning to hold at TImberlane next summer, and though nothing is definite (and probably won't be announced for a few months), here's what we've heard:

--a Thursday thru Sunday gathering at the end of the summer.
--alumni ONLY (no spouses or family), placed in cabin groups according to era.
--150 to 200 alumni expected to attend.

As I've mentioned before, this is Mike Cohen's project, so please contact him with any questions or ideas...I will pass on further information and H's plans as things develop.


Two more vintage newsletters, #4 from 1973 and #9 from 1974 have been posted...thanks to Heidi for the transcriptions.

Our first overseas alumni, Ray Carter has been added to TimberBase. He writes... I had the pleasure of being a sailing instructor at Camp Timberlane in 1974. Please give my greetings to Harold and Sharron Hiken of whom I have fond memories for the great time and hospitality they shared with me. You will see myself in the center back row (the bearded one) of the 1974 staff photo, and on my right is another Australian named Geoff Perry. Geoff instructed horseback riding and shooting I believe; and after camp we travelled together around the US. I would like to make contact with Geoff one day if possible and surely look forward to maintaining contact with your site. I have some photos from the camp that I must find and share with you. After eight months in the US and Canada, I went to England for a year and then took another year to travel overland back home. I was a teacher in those days, but now I have my own business and am involved in industrial engineering and industrial property here in Bathurst NSW (2 hours west of Sydney, home of the 2000 Olympics) Two of our best business clients in Bathurst are US food companies, Mars and Simplot. Again, it was a joy to discover your site, to wonder if anyone may remember me and to perhaps hear from you. Regards from Ray and Heather Carter . 233 College Rd, Bathurst, NSW, 2795 Australia.


Ken Shapiro has been added to TimberBase.


Steve Kravit has been added to TimberBase.

All Chicago and Milwaukee area alumni should have received an e-mail regarding a planned get-together for Saturday, August 21, at the Brewers-Giants (day) game in Milwaukee. If anyone else is interested, please let me know, and I'll send out the info. I NEED TO KNOW WHO IS ATTENDING BY NOON (Central) THIS SATURDAY, JULY 31.


We've added a new search engine to the main index page, now you can quickly search thru the entire website for your favorite buddies and activities. One piece of advice...when looking for a person, just enter the last name as some of the rosters, etc. do not list full names.


Here's a name from the past, Jacques Herzog has been added to TimberBase. He writes... This web site is fantastic. Mike Litz told me about it and it sure brings back the right memories. I am living in St. Louis making a living as an ear surgeon. I have been married to Nancy for the past 17 years and have two boys and only wish the same Timberlane was still around, but I guess things can't stay the same forever. I'm eager to hear more about the upcoming reunion next year. Jacques Herzog, 23 Portland Drive, St. Louis, MO 63131 fax: (314) 741-0000 tel: (314) 997-7130

Mike Litz?


Stephanie Busalacchi has been added to TimberBase. She writes... Like so many Timber-alumni I feel those summers were some of the best of my life. Your sight has brought back a flood of wonderful memories. Thank you so much. Please add me to you list . Stephanie Busalacchi, Milwaukee, WI (I have to think about the correct years I was there) Sales Rep. I hope you're well, Johnny Meissner and I talk almost everyday. At dinner last night we ran into Randy Wynn, but he said he is not set up with a computer yet but we told him, so hopefully he'll be joinng us soon. You made my weekend.


Issue 13 of TIMBERLIFE from 1981 is now online, thanks to the diligent work of the lovely Heidi. John Meissner has been added to TimberBase.


I' ve posted some great pics from 1981 and 1982, thanks again to Danny (No Fingers) Plattner for his memory books. Before I could blink, Heidi has transcribed a 1981 TIMBERLIFE that Danny also sent; and as soon as I have a chance to scan the photos, I'll put it online. Gary Gorchoff's e-mail address has finally been added to TimberBase, along with Jim Hiken's new e-mail.

Here's a story from Pete Kaufman's wedding that I forgot to mention... At the reception, Bosco, Heidi and myself were called upon to lead a camp cheer for the happy newlyweds. So we trot up to the microphone, and I tell the story behind the "Bravo" cheer we are about to do. We do the cheer, and as we walk back to our seats, Heidi says "Why didn't we do 'Bravo'?"

"We just did!" I replied.

"No, we didn't" she says

It then dawned on me that instead of "Bravo" I had accidentally led the "Hip-Zu" cheer. I don't think anyone noticed, but I felt like a complete moron...


Gregg Garland and Mark Manlin have been added to TimberBase. Gregg writes... Married to Alyson Garland with a brand new baby boy, Ryan Garland. President of Medical Manufacturing Company, AirCare Therapy, Inc.


Back from vacation...Heidi and I attended Pete Kaufman's nuptuals on Long Island, and a wonderful time was had by all. Pics from me and Brian Schlossberg will be posted soon.

Scott and Roger Cooper have been added to TimberBase.

John Hanover writes...
I am a construction lawyer and practice in California and Nevada. I am married (since 1995) and have a 3 year-old son and a 1 year-old daughter.

Drew Sterling writes...
I live in St. Louis and own a restaurant called St. Louis Rotisserie. I'm married to Danny Plattner's sister, Jennifer, and have 2 kids: Brooke age-3 and Megan age-1.

And finally, from the PUD FILE...
I am in Columbus, Ohio and got $78 speeding ticket 20 miles from my destination after 6 1/2 hours on the road. (Car insurance up for renewal next month)...was doin' 79 MPH, but was in flow of traffic....Ohio State Trooper just wanted to make sure that he snagged an outta'-stater....NOT havin' any fun yet...


Bill Heilbronner's e-mail address has been added to TimberBase.


David Morris has updated his e-mail address in TimberBase and writes...

A brief update . . . my wife Susie and I had our first child, Blair Alexis Morris, on April 23. I recently moved from the practice of law to the business world, and joined Deere Park Capital, a venture capital firm based in Northbrook, Illinois.


Issue #8 of TIMBERLIFE from 1978 is now online. Also available are memory book shots from 1969 and 1970 (see Fun At Camp, Staff Photos, and All-Camp Photos)...thanks again to Lee Glicksman for providing these.


David Raskin writes...

I wanted to let you and the web page know that I've taken a tenure-track art history job (see below) and am getting married in December to Jodi Cressman, who I've lived with for 3 years. She's a professor of English Literature. After Aug. 1: Mary Schiller Myers School of Art; University of Akron; 150 E. Exchange St. Akron, OH 44325-7801 (330) 972-6030


As you probably know by now, we've moved the website off the AOL server to a new locale. This new server gives us much more space to work with so we can start uploading the goodies we've recently collected. A friendly nudge to all those who have promised to send us pictures...NOW'S THE TIME TO DO IT!


Sally Fried Reiner has been added to TimberBase. She writes...

Andy Mintz emailed me information on the Timberlane site, and all I can say is WOW, you did a great job! Please add my name to the roster. Sally Fried Reiner. We recently moved to Westchester, New York after living a year and a half in St.Louis, and five years before that in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We have come full circle back to where we started in New York. I have been married for twelve years, and have an adorable ten year old daughter, Jillian, who is on the countdown to Camp Agawak (her fourth summer). I am so glad that she goes to camp in the Northwoods as it gives me an excuse to fly there three times during the summer (fly her to camp, parent's weekend, fly her home from camp----I am dreading the day that she wants to fly alone)! I am currently waiting for the job fairy to bring me a terrific job, after working for Sunglass Hut for the last six years in the capacity of Director of New Business Development,( I created their Watch Station concept which now has 125 stores running across the USA and two in London), I am enjoying this time off from structured routine, meetings and travel to get settled and of fly Jillian to camp, where I will stay with John and Bunny for a week on beautiful Blue Lake, now the home of Camp Agawak. They sold their cabin on Towanda after Billy bought Camp Agawak, and moved across the lake from Camp Agawak! Ed is the CFO of a car dealership in Milwaukee, and is married with a little girl, Morgan, who is six. Billy as you know runs a wonderful girls camp, with HH still leading the camp fires.....some of the songs have changed for the girls! His wife Mary is the CO-director of camp, and they have two adorable children, Jaclyn who is three and a half, and Jacob, who is nine months old, and looks just like Billy! Michael works with Billy and travels for Camp America recruiting counselors to the United States from foreign countries. The last three years he has spent the winter months in Australia and New Zealand recruiting only the best looking girls (or so it would seem based on what the staff looks like)!


Dean Salit has been added to TimberBase.


Brian Schlossberg recently attended a Bruce Hornsby concert in South Florida; and when the aisles got too crowded with people dancing, Bruce invited some folks onstage, including Bosco! Check out the photo.


Stu Turnansky has been added to TimberBase.


Tamie (Tishberg) Callahan has been added to TimberBase. She wrote us a touching letter updating her life since Timberlane, and Harold's influence on her. She also sadly informs us about the recent passing of her cousin, Timberlane alumnus Gary Drapkin. Also included is an update on Marty Drapkin. You can read her full letter by clicking here.


Barry Schulman has been added to TimberBase.


Pete Kaufman will finally tie the knot in late June to Nancy Schor...Yours truly will be there to provide a complete report.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, but work has kept me quite busy. I'll be able to give the site more attention in about two weeks, and have some great new stuff to post!


Drew Sterling and Mark (Feld) McMillan have been added to TimberBase.


Nancy (Hiken) Gorchoff and Gary Gorchoff have been added to TimberBase.


Glenn Fisher and Steve Turow have been added to TimberBase. Glen writes... Living north of San Francisco now, married for 14 years to the same woman (wonderful woman) and life is good. I'm still in the women's apparel, director of marketing and sales. I spend time traveling all of the country and look forward to making contacts and renewing some old friendships.


Mike "Rozy" Rosenfeld has been added to TimberBase.


Lee Glicksman has sent me his Memory Books, dating back to 1966. I've already started posting some of the pictures...more goodies to come.


I'm finally catching up on uploading Heidi's work...issue #7 of TIMBERLIFE from 1978 is now available. Be sure and check out Jim Goldstein's fictional piece, "The Green Eye". I wonder what parents' reactions were to this story! There's also a cool picture from staff skit night.


Two more vintage newsletters are now available, one from 1974, and the other from 1975.


Issue #6 of TIMBERLIFE from 1977 has been uploaded.


Scott Halperin and David Salinsky have been added to TimberBase.


Issue #5 of TIMBERLIFE from 1977 is now online. Paul Sapper has been added to TimberBase.


Michael Sapper and Rob Schiller have added their names to TimberBase. Rob sent this update...

I married Debby in 1995. We have 2 adorable little boys (sorry - no Agawaks here), Jonah born 12/22/95 and Samuel born 12/02/97. We've been in Jacksonville since October, 1996. It's a golfers paradise and everyone is invited to visit.


David and Marie Branovan inform me they are expecting their third child in mid-April.

Bill Barenholtz and Michael (MP) Pierce have been added to TimberBase.

I can't keep up with Heidi! In world-record time she has inputed 5 more TIMBERFIFE issues into the computer. I've only had time to upload Issue #4. The others should be ready soon.


NEWSFLASH: Sophia "Sophie" Esther Plattner was born Tuesday, February 23rd, 1999. She arrived at 2:00 pm, and weighed 7lbs 1 oz.---Sabrina and Sophie are both doing great, and they, along with Danny, send their love.

Lee Glicksman and Lonnie Lazar have been added to TimberBase. Lee wrote me this note...

Just to update you. I was briefly married in the late 1970s. No kids. I then married a wonderful woman named Lorraine in 1985 after we had lived together for about a year. Lorraine owns a coffee house near the U of A campus. We have 2 sons Ben, 13 and Zach, 11. I've been a lawyer since 79. I also do some stand-up comedy, probably the natural progression from all of those Pow Wow Day speeches I gave. I used to do nightclubs and I was lucky enough to open for some famous comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Phyllis Diller and Gilbert Gottfried. Now I limit my comedy to some after dinner speaking, a few corporate gigs and maybe once a year I'll do a show open to the public with a few of my buddies. I'd love to hear from other former campers and counselors. Life is good. As we discussed, unless you were there, you cannnot appreciate the effect that camp had on all of our lives. It was a great time and it would have been a great movie if Bill Murray hadn't done "Meatballs".

When you're in San Francisco make sure you drop by Lonnie Lazar's nightclub, NICKIES. Thanks to Heidi, the entire contents of Issue #3 of TIMBERLIFE are now online.


Diane Arieff has been added to TimberBase. Heidi has inputed the entire contents of Issue #2 of TIMBERLIFE and they are now online.


Jim Salinsky has been added to TimberBase. We have started to revise the TIMBERLIFE section...rather that scans of selected articles, we are now going to present the ENTIRE contents of each issue. Kudos to Heidi for pulling another all-nighter to retype the articles for faster downloading...but don't worry, all photos and artwork are included. Issue #1 from 1975 is now online.


Oops...upon further review it has been discovered that Timberlane's first summer was actually 1961, although Harold bought the property in the fall of 1960. Hence the name change of this site...


Cindy Hiken, Matt Healy, Jeff Gendelman and Charlie Groves have been added to TimberBase. Heidi has adapted an old trivia-quiz from TIMBERLIFE for interactive use, check it out...


The baby-boom continues. Danny and Sabrina Plattner are expecting in mid-March...


The reponse so far to this site has been tremendous, thank you all for your kind words. Harold and Sharon have voiced their support, and hope to communicate with you through this page.

Vance Liebman informs me he has much memoribilia from Timberlane's earliest years; I hope to get some of this online in the near future. By the way, Vance also tells me that he recently got back his bronzed gym-shoe plaque, which hung in the trailer for many years.

Tom Callahan and his wife Mardi are expecting their first child in April...

If you haven't heard, there will be a 40th Anniversary Reunion at Timberlane at the end of the 2000 season. This is Mike and Leslie Cohen's project, and will be treated as such. Stay tuned here, however, for H's thoughts and plans regarding the event.


The Timberlane community suffered a loss over the new year with the passing of Sharon Hiken's mother Nano...she was a spirited, active woman who loved camp, was always up for participating in U.N. or Pow Wow skits, and made the world's best latkes...she will be missed.

Well, after much procrastination, I finally got this site up and running...but it is still in its infancy; a lot of work needs to be done...I plan on updating several times a week. As you can see, just about everything on this site hails from the 1970s; this isn't by choice, but because the materials I possess are from that era. This is where I need your help. I need your pictures and cabin lists, even if they are only from memory...and if you see a photo misidentified, please let me know. Right now the site contains MY collection of memorabilia, but I want it to include YOURS too...