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Florida is great but.....

David wrote: "Pancakes at Paul Bunyan's; a tour of camp; a swim in Towanda; picnic at Torpy Park; swimming at Crystal Lake; stars..."

The word 'jealous' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

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Camp Timberlane - Memphis, TN

I just returned from a week in Birmingham and Memphis. Joey could house 25 very comfortably with no problem. Made for practically any type of heinous activity you choose. More than ample waterfront area, with newly-mounted Boston Acoustics and you GOTTA check out his "noodles." He could build a campfire pit between the pool and the fence with a little work. Do it Joey! (Peter did). We ate HUGE porterhouse t-bones the other night with all the fixins' - Pud also treated a small, select group to ribs and Memphis hen at Cozy Corner for lunch on Wednesday. I thank Joe & Billie for their comfortable accomodations and warm hospitality.
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"HUGE porterhouse t-bones..."

The word 'jealous' doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

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JP, your estate sounds palatial. Have you named it yet?
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My heartfelt sympathy to Glenn Fisher on the recent passing of his wife of 22 years. Glenn can be written at: Speakfish@aol.com and am sure he'd welcome hearing from those who were close to him at camp. Love you my brother.
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And I Almost Always Win!

In response to Danny's question about camp activities now in our everyday life...

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New Cabin Photo

Love that new picture coming up. Me, Lifsec and Dougie David as staff. That was '79 I think. My best year at camp, with campers Brian Seideman, Scottie Klimczak and Tony Rothenberg to name a few. Too bad it was also the year my paycheck bounced.

Thanks for putting it up, Gazoo.
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Hey out there

So sorry to hear about Glenn's wife. Haven't been to the board lately, and don't have anything clever to say or rant about, but still think about camp and all you'se guys all the time.
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Looking for hell freezing over.....

The Cubs???
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Happy New Year

L'Shanah Tovah to all you Timber-Yids!...Hope you have a happy and healthy 5764. Go Cubs!!! Go Colts!!!
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Where's Ditka When You Need Him?

If I see one post from a fricken Packer fan today, I swear I'm going to go postal...

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Sorry Gazzoo -- so I went to the Packer-Bear game last night and thought the new Soldier Field was the worst new stadium I have ever been in ...in my entire life. I was taken by a guy who works for me and we get to our seats only to find Nancy and Gary sitting exactly one row ahead of me. Gary greets me in his typical "Hello Juan" but it is Nancy Hiken Gorchoff who gave me the shock of my life. Our friend Nancy whom I "think" was from Milwaukee last time I checked is wearing Bear Earings and Bear Clothes. To add insult to injury--SHE IS SERIOUSLY CHEERING FOR THE F*&#IN CHICAGO BEARS TO BEAT THE GREEN BAY PACKERS. So I'm thinking...is that bad parenting on H and Sharon's part or maybe Nancy has joined some weird cult like Heavens Gate and Gary is now "Doe". Is Jimmy Hiken still a Packer fan so we can check to see if this is isolated to Nancy or a family thing? All I know is that I was taken aback, was a bit confused and searching for answers when I saw that. Then the Packers beat the crap out of the Bears (AGAIN) and I knew that everything was back to normal again.
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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

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Obviously Nancy is still a Colorado fan, pulling for Kordell.

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Just had lunch with Sus and Kanto. The Big News? Kantotraut's getting married.
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A post from JP...we are indeed honored!
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