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We Welcome Benjamin Milton Gassel

Born 10:40pm on Tuesday September 30, and weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. Both mommy and baby are doing great. Time to start saving for Timberlane 2012...

[Date/Time=10-01-2003 - 10:37 AM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@hotmail.com, [Msgid=517829]   [IP Addr=]


Mazel-Tov to you and the entire Gazoo family!
[Date/Time=10-01-2003 - 9:51 AM]    Name:Saul txmavn@aol.com, [Msgid=517866]   [IP Addr=]

Welcome Benjamin

Great news! Hope all are well. Big time BRAVO to Heidi (oh yeah, and Bob too)!
[Date/Time=10-01-2003 - 2:07 PM]    Name:David Susman [Msgid=518065]   [IP Addr=]

Like father....

Great news...love the name (my son is Ben as well)...is it me or does he look like Gazzoo!?
[Date/Time=10-02-2003 - 12:01 AM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=518350]   [IP Addr=]

Kid looks like who?

Congrats Gazzoo's!! Kid looks alittle like "Pud"...don't ya think?
[Date/Time=10-02-2003 - 2:04 PM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=518683]   [IP Addr=]


Of course, first and foremost, congrats to the Gazoo family and their potential second generation Timberlane camper. In response to Marksy's previous post, my greeting to him was just simply "HEY". (not hello Juan) Also, Nancy was not wearing any Bears garb. (ear rings only) She grew up as a sports orphan. Her parents were constantly rooting for the Pack, Badgers, Bucks and Warriors (now the Golden Eagles). She never grew up as a Packers fan. I moved back to Chi-town just in time for the 1985 super Bowl season and after going to all the home games, she was hooked. I wish I could have had my camera ready for Marksy's initial jaw droping reaction to Nancy's proclamation of being a Bears fan, but I do have a shot of the former CDW kingpin, that I will have to get posted to the site at a later date. Johny left well before the end of the game. Perhaps he is not a big enough fan of the Pack to have stuck around for the rest of the thrashing....
[Date/Time=10-02-2003 - 10:36 PM]    Name:ggorchtrout [Msgid=518903]   [IP Addr=]


"Perhaps he is not a big enough fan of the Pack to have stuck around for the rest of the thrashing...."


[Date/Time=10-02-2003 - 11:25 PM]    Name:Pud [Msgid=518949]   [IP Addr=]

I'm a little slow

What's CDW?
[Date/Time=10-06-2003 - 5:07 PM]    Name:JMoss [Msgid=520588]   [IP Addr=]

CDW and Pud

Moss: The largest direct marketer of computer products in the world with revenues around the $5 billion mark. I was employee #4 in 1985 and one of the original founders of the company. That's after I went to Indiana and was a Hoosier -- that rhymes with LOSER which is what Pud is....the Danny Devito lookalike without the bank account!
[Date/Time=10-06-2003 - 11:41 PM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=520757]   [IP Addr=]

The Thrilla in Menominee

Here we go again...

[Date/Time=10-06-2003 - 11:37 PM]    Name:Gazzoo dirwuf@hotmail.com, [Msgid=520823]   [IP Addr=]

Pud=Employee #1

CDW built itself on the model set forth by the Peoria-based Central Illinois Audio(CIA). Pud started CIA in the mid-80's and grew it into an empire worth nearly the value of a box of TDK SA-90's.
[Date/Time=10-07-2003 - 11:07 AM]    Name:Red gschatten@comcast.net, [Msgid=520976]   [IP Addr=]

sticks n' stones

Sticks n' stones may break my bones, but John Marks never ceases to amaze me. By the way, I have zero debt other than my mortgage. You deserve institutional strength Mr. Clean by mouth, 4x/daily. From now on, I ignore all that you say (Thank you my Lord). I hope you included a substantial level of "teshuvah" during your Yom Kippur prayers. Red, I peddled many cases of TDK SA-90's quite profitably before the mass merchants sprouted up. I even sold Jeff Moss a system. Thanks doc.

[Date/Time=10-07-2003 - 8:06 PM]    Name:Pud [Msgid=521311]   [IP Addr=]

Now, She's Gone.....She's Gone

Just an FYI for all my Timber buddies......after going thru a trying weekend w/ Scarlet, Billie & I put her down today. Her immune system was chewing her up & she was as weak as a kitten. We got to say our goodbyes & I held her as she went. We're going to miss the "just say No dog".........so all of you w/ pets, please give them a hug, kiss & a treat for Miss Scarlet tonite &/or tomorrow. And may the Great Master, of all good doggies, be with us, until we meet again.......
[Date/Time=10-07-2003 - 10:28 PM]    Name:JP jp6022@midsouth.rr.com, [Msgid=521468]   [IP Addr=]

Fine Game

JMoss -

Hats off to Peyton and the Colts. The comeback over the Bucs was about the most exciting football game I've seen. I was up until 1:00 AM engrossed in the history making unfolding in front of me. Manning's throws were absolutely perfect and he's as cool as they come. How many third or fourth and long did he complete on the final drive alone?! My love of the Packers is not quite matched by my hatred of the Bucs - but it's close! I was in Tampa two nights before the Monday night game and saw Univ of South Florida beat Univ of Louisville in double overtime at Raymond James Stadium - fans stormed the field afterwards and I went, too, just to rip a small piece of the turf out as a pox on the house of Gruden. My mojo must have been strong!
[Date/Time=10-07-2003 - 10:20 PM]    Name:Shimmy jhiken@insightbb.com, [Msgid=521469]   [IP Addr=]

Thanks Shim!

Thanks for the Mojo Shimmy...but from whence/where did the Gruden hatred arise?...are you actually traveling that far to see Louisville's football team? P.S. It was a great comeback...just wish the ending was a little cleaner...hated to see it end on that call.
[Date/Time=10-08-2003 - 2:51 PM]    Name:JMoss embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=521840]   [IP Addr=]


Moss -

It's not Gruden hatred - actually I like his snarl. It's Sapp and Keyshawn that make me want to puke. Their defense is (was?) great, but their attitude has always annoyed me. I know it's a rough game, but what Sapp did to Chad Clifton was just plain vicious and unnecessary. I agree, the game ended on a lame call. Still, the roughing the kicker penalty was essentially as lame. I think Indy would have pulled it off anyways. I don't travel that far to see U of L but was in Tampa for a weekend jaunt with friends (remember Matt Schwartz?). U of L is good and getting better but not worth travelling around the country - if so, would that make me a RedHead?

JP -

Sorry to hear about Scarlet. I fondly remember her freaking out to the sound of bubbling water and just the visual hint of air guitar. We'll keep her in our nightly prayers with my boys.
[Date/Time=10-09-2003 - 4:04 PM]    Name:Shimmy jhiken@insightbb.com, [Msgid=522563]   [IP Addr=]

Packers vs. Bears

Marksy -

Just saw your post above. No, the disease seems isolated to my sister. My blood flows green and gold, as does that of my sons (after a bit of brainwashing). It seems, however, that my dad has a bit of Bear-blood in his veins as he has always rooted for them when they weren't playing the Packers. I've only wished humiliation and defeat for the Bears at all times. During some particularly dark years for the Packers, the season was made or lost simply by beating or losing to the Bears.
[Date/Time=10-09-2003 - 10:12 PM]    Name:Shimmy jhiken@insightbb.com, [Msgid=522727]   [IP Addr=]

Thanks for the clarification Shimmy

The dark years......I remember them well. Bear fans should know that Packer fans know how they feel NOW! Though through all of the years of bad Packer teams.....WE WERE NEVER THIS BAD !!

Lastly, I'd like to start a "I LOVE PUD AND WHY" fan club......who's in and why?
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 8:40 AM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=522892]   [IP Addr=]

Why I Love Pud

Best Yoda EVER!
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 10:04 AM]    Name:Saul txmavn@aol.com, [Msgid=522927]   [IP Addr=]


The greatest reason(s) to love PUD is/are he is the real life equivalent of both George Costanza & Zelig, all rolled into one!!
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 10:47 AM]    Name:JP [Msgid=522952]   [IP Addr=]

"Why I Love Pud"

I love Puddy cause he's got a great heart, he usually takes all his teasing well, and when he doesn't his reactions are hilarious...you 'da man Puddy!
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 10:48 AM]    Name:JMoss embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=522953]   [IP Addr=]

Why I love Pud

He used to operate a mean flomax
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 5:01 PM]    Name:ggorchtrout [Msgid=523171]   [IP Addr=]

Jonny H Jr.

Because he is "such a Pud."
[Date/Time=10-10-2003 - 5:45 PM]    Name:Danny Plattner dsplattner@aol.com, [Msgid=523188]   [IP Addr=]


I'm deeply touched. Please remit $100 tax-deductible, non-refundable membership fee to:

Pud Heller
P.O. Box 3274
Peoria, IL USA 61612

1-yr. membership fee entitlements:

Pud T-shirt ($14.95 ea, avail. S/M/L/XL)
Lunch w/Pud ($49.95 per person, reservations req'd)
Annual Pud Look-A-Like Contest ($59.95 per person entry fee)
Bi-Annual Tony Neichen Overnight ($99.95 per person plus dock fees)


[Date/Time=10-11-2003 - 3:05 PM]    Name:Pud [Msgid=523550]   [IP Addr=]


I could go for a Butter Burger and a banana malt.
Check out the photo in the second link.
[Date/Time=10-14-2003 - 4:05 AM]    Name:Bosco YaHeyDer@aol.com, [Msgid=524867]   [IP Addr=]

No Need to Panic....

Hell is still 64 degrees and sunny. Nothing freezing over in this town.
[Date/Time=10-16-2003 - 10:23 AM]    Name:marksy [Msgid=526343]   [IP Addr=]

It's good to be home....

Out of the blue today I get a call from Scott Robinowitz, my best friend from camp for 6 years. It has been 20 years since I have spoken to him, but we were able to pick right back up where we left off. Where does the time go...and as I looked at all of your current pictures, I said to myself where did their hair go?

I just learned of tushball.com (thank you Gazzoo) and as I look at the pictures and read your comments it feels like I have come home again. That was a special place and time, some of the best days of my life...especially when I was hanging on the grundy nail.

Concisely, I am married with no children (because we already have Pud), I got my Masters, I was working for Genuity, which Level 3 purchased, we were all laid off, and now I help Scooter manage his Law Firm (seidlaw.com). Don't worry Pud, the Boss already installed a nail in my office for when I screw up.

Gazzoo, I have some camp photos you might want to add to the site, I will e-mail them to you. I look forward to staying in touch with yaíll (Iím a Texan not a Highland Park boy anymore.)

Your friend through time,

ìSeid o bunnsî ìSeid o beefî ìSeidyî
[Date/Time=10-24-2003 - 7:24 PM]    Name:Brian "Seidy" Seideman bseideman@seidlaw.com, [Msgid=531902]   [IP Addr=]

Another Future Camper

Benjamin Gassel's got a new playmate. My second son, Dox Joseph Raskin was born Saturday Oct. 19.
[Date/Time=10-29-2003 - 1:29 AM]    Name:David Raskin draskin@artic.edu, [Msgid=533824]   [IP Addr=]

Mazel Tov Raskin

Dox??...please illuminate! P.S. he now shares a birthday with my wife (who is exactly 40 yrs. his senior).
[Date/Time=10-29-2003 - 12:55 PM]    Name:JMoss embensar@comcast.net, [Msgid=534448]   [IP Addr=]

Dox means...

Thanks Jeff! Dox is Latin for Glory, Greek for Truth; it's the root in orthodox, paradox, doxa, and we got the idea from a Harlem Renaissance painter by the name of Dox Thrash -- one of the all-time coolest artist's names. One of my students already proclaimed that the name is "scary sexy."
[Date/Time=10-29-2003 - 4:39 PM]    Name:David Raskin draskin@artic.edu, [Msgid=534610]   [IP Addr=]


Would that be a kin to Doxicycline?
[Date/Time=10-29-2003 - 8:24 PM]    Name:Pud-ooooose [Msgid=534751]   [IP Addr=]