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Seideman on-line


We were in Chippewa cabin together in 1977. Do you remember who our counselors were?

Welcome aboard. Good to hear from you.

Beware the grundy nail.

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Seidman On-Air

I don't know about the rest of the area's of the country, but the Seideman Law firm commercials play constantly out here in the West. Cracks me up every time I see them (especially since they mostly seem to air on Comedy Central). I'm still waiting for Seide's face to pop up on one of of them.
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He's the King of late night throughout the Midwest too. Scooter will always kiss me. GO SCOOTER, GO!!
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Timber virus is back

A virus, once again, is using someone's address book (most likely MS Outlook) that contains Timber Alumni email address's.
Coner received one with my return address and today I got one with Dr. Moss's (aka: JayMo From The Block) return address.
Please update your virus definition table and scan your PC.
This has been an official 'Healy' alert.
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Camp films

Mike Cohen is coming to our house a week from next Monday night to show the camp film to my oldest son and his friends. The people from Nebagamon were here this week and the older couple who have owned it since the mid 1980s are selling to guy who grew up there and is in his mid to late 30s. We talked about our camp experiences a little. Nebagomon is near Duluth so I asked him if he remembered a place called "the last place on earth" and he smiled. So I figured he can't be all bad.

When we were little the camp films where always at the Shapiro's house. It was funny because I never knew them (or their son(s) who I'm assuming were much older and at some point went to camp) but we just assumed it was at their house because they had a great front yard for football. At its peak Memphis probably had 25 kids and we had great tackle football games.

I'm having dinner with Steve Schacter next weekend. He moved to Nashville this Summer and this is the first chance we've had to get together.
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IBT at 25!

Just returned from Jacksonville for Robert Handmaker's wedding. In the roast, IBT figured prominently, and all the people from our parents' generation were asking "Whats IBT?"...We actually felt that the statute of limitations was such that we could actually explain it to them. In so doing, I realized that it became "de rigeur" in the Summer of 1978 in the Cherokee Counselor room (25 years ago)..JP says it actually started just before camp. At any rate, I thought the 25 year anniversary deserved mention...(and perhaps some reminiscent rekindlings?!)
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IB What?

I spent two summers in the Cherokee Counslers room.
I can't remember a thing. (kidding)
But the 'Hawkeye' hell night there was memorable.
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Cherokee lived on

When I was a pa in Cherokee in 82 or 83, the counselor room had an exhaust fan set-up. At the time, I had no idea what it was for. David Morris was one of the counselors, but I can't remember who else (maybe the exhaust fan didn't work so well). When I was there this summer, I noticed that Cherokee was one of the few cabins where the old names are still on the walls -- Keith Benzuely, both Pierce brothers. That cabin still records a lot of camp history.
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Arapaho also has tons of Timber and Porter camp Grafitti...my kids got a kick out of seeing their Mom's name on the ceiling when we took Ben to visit Timberlane a couple of years ago!
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Marshall Berlin

Does anybody know what ever happened to him? Up until the time that the un-a-bomber was caught, he was my prime suspect.

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Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the Timber-Nation.
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