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Is anyone alive out there?

Just thought I'd do a December post. Hope all is well with all in the Timber extendo-family...Go Bears beat the Pack!
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Re: Timber extendo

I just saw that product pushed on late night informercials.
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Say a prayer

Need some good karma from the Timber family for Steve Feigenbaum. He just found out this weekend that he has leukemia, on his birthday, no less. I was in New York this weekend, and was supposed to have dinner with him and his family. He had to call me and tell me why he was cancelling. Kiss your loved ones and pray for Steve!
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That is just awful news Jeff. Thank God a lot of forms are treatable. Let's hope God watches over him and his family. If you have contact info., to include physical address, appreciated.
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Hello Timber-Folks

I just got off the plane from Jacksonville, FL on business. Had a fantastic time Sunday night at the Rob Schiller home and met his wonderful wife Debby and 3 amazing boys-- Jonah, Sam and Ethan. Two things were just like old times.... I taught the kids how to play 5 card draw poker and Rob hates to lose at anything....including against his kid. Today, I saw Bobby Handmaker for 5-10 minutes at his office. It's always great to see old Timber folks..... I had a great time seeing both Robby and Bobby (oops,call me Robert Handmaker).
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The Pack

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PACK That fudge......
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Pud's post if the Bears made the playoffs...

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The Pack

Packers were lucky Denver basically threw that game!...if I were Minnesota, I'd be pissed! But then all they had to do was beat the freakin' Cardinals to get into the playoffs. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy than Randy Moss! I'm thinkin' the Pack will be very beatable once they're playing somewhere other than Lambeau, but nobobdy in the NFC looks like a world beater...stranger things have happened.

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Indianapolis Chokes?

Hey Moss....Here's the joke after your first playoff game this year... What do the Baltimore Colts and the Indianapolis Colts have in common? They were both gone in about 3 hours! How much $$$$$$$$$ that the Pack goes futher than your favorite team? By the way -- Elway could have been playing last Sunday and the Packers still would have beaten them handily. Please remember...one must recognize the hottest team and the not so hot teams in December. The not so hot are the Indianapolis Colts who have given up 30 points on 3 Sundays and a starting qarterback who is 0-3 in the playoffs. The HOTTEST team is ofcourse-----the GREEN BAY PACKERS.....GO PACK!!!
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how hot?

Let's not get too carried away with how "hot" the Packers are Marksy. In their last 5 games they lost at Detroit, beat the Bears, Chargers, Raiders (both 4-12), and played a Denver team that basically threw the game. The only other playoff team they beat was Seattle, who they are lucky enough to play this week!

By the way, the Broncos didn't even play their starting quarterback, tight end, best wide receiver or running back; and had no motivation at all. Revel in that victory all you want!
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Pack playing their best ball - Colts are not close

Still, the Packers won both west coast games on consecutive weekends on the road. I didn't hear any argument about the Colts who in their first game against the Broncos gave up yardage on the ground equal to 16 camp roads....from what I heard on KTIM today.
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