Lory Wiviott has been added to TimberBase. He writes:

My brother, Gary Wiviott, sent me a link to your what great memories! I've attached a picture of my family, (left to right is Suzy, myself, Lea, Aria, Ally & Matthew). Before I became a physician practicing in San Francisco, I attended Timberlane from 1966 to 1975 (if I recall correctly). I live in Novato, California with my beautiful wife, kids and stepkids. Life is grand, but oh for the good ol' days in the Northwoods of Wisconsin!!!


Present-day Timberlaner Jeff Melrose will soon open a cool website devoted to the current Camp Timberlane. Check it out at, believe it or not, TRAMPBALL.COM


Please let me know if your (or someone you know) e-mail address has changed..I'd like to keep TimberBase as up-to-date as possible.


We had a bit of a scare this week as Heidi had to go into the hospital with ensophogitis (an infection of the ensophogus). It was apparently caused by some antibiotics she was taking. Fortunately, I was able to bring her home today, though it may take some time for the infection to run its course. Please join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.


Those of you using Windows-based computers (ie: morons) may have noticed that some of the photos on this site have appeared a bit dark, this is because of a technical difference in how pictures appear when composed on a Mac. Therefore, I have begun the laborious task of altering all the photos so they will be more Windows-friendly. I should have them all done by the time the Presidential race is decided, so please be patient.


Mark Sophir, one of my old cabinmates, has been added to TimberBase. He encloses a recent photo with his kids, and writes...

Jeff Roth told me about your Camp Timberlane film, and suggested that I buy a copy...Like Jeff, and probably too much of society, I am an attorney. I'm a trial lawyer working for a large St. Louis firm handling a wide variety of cases. I am married and have two children, Michael 12, and Abby 9. Michael went to Timberlane for the first time last year. It was fun seeing the old faces of our youth and remembering the great times. Mark Sophir 11 Ramsgate, St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 432-0628


As Brian Williams mentioned on the bulletin board, he has a tape of a 1985 jam session in KTIM featuring himself, Charlie Groves, Jon Healy, Jimmy Hiken, Phil Perlson and David Rudder. He hopes to soon make CDs available, with proceeds going towards Mike Cohen's Camp For Kids organization. In the meantime, you can sample "Honky Tonk Woman" on the Timber-Audio page.


As I was putting together "Camp Film" I came across shots of a memory book which Harold used to open and close the movie. In the corner of the screen were the initials "FMI" which I was led to believe stood for "Fred Markoff Incorporated". The story I had heard was that Fred inserted the credit much to H's consternation. It turns out that this story is untrue, as the following letter from Bill Coy details...

The best $10 I've spent in a long time! Good job. It was fun to see the older stuff. The film from 1964-66 I shot, Vance took over in '67. Contrary to what HH says in the promo video, the bus freeze "THE END" as well as the animated open was MY handywork. No wires were used to open the page, it was single-frame animation. If you notice on the "THE END" title it says titles by FMI. FMI (Fine Music Inc.) was a company Steve Brown and I started in the 60's to build an FM radio station in Des Moines, Iowa. It never happened, but we used the name for many other projects. I will share this video with my brother Bob over the holidays. Thanks again for the memories.

I have therefore corrected the master tape to give Bill the credit he deserves, and all future copies will reflect this.


Stuart Speer has been added to TimberBase. he writes...

I am an attorney by trade, but several years ago I got involved in telecommunciations. Recently, I purchased part of the company and love what I am doing. I am still a sports junkie but because of the lousy teams in Houston, I root the most for my 8 year old son Zack when he is playing machine pitch baseball. He is quite good. My 5 year old is Matthew and he awesome. I have been married for almost 10 years and went to school at Tulane (number 7 in the country a few years back) Zack may be attending Timberlane this year. Last week I met Mike Cohen and he sent me a video and this website. How incredible. I loved camp as you know. I run into people from camp all the time.


The first batch of videos have been shipped out to those who ordered. I want to give special kudos to the love-of-my-life Heidi for designing the great box and labels, ordering and driving an hour to get the packaging materials, and then preparing the tapes for shipment.


Some more 40th Anniversary reunion pics, courtesy of Greg Schatten.


Well, the video I showed at the reunion is finally available. Remember, this isn't the tape Mike Cohen gave to the attendees, but a totally different production. For details on how to purchase a copy, click here.


Marc Raben (1985-90) has been added to TimberBase.


Jeff and David Genecov have been added to TimberBase.


More reunion pics, courtesy of Donald David.


Perry Richker has been added to TimberBase....4 down, 1 to go!


Now that we've about run out of Richkers, Saul Sodos (1968-1980) has been added to TimberBase.


The Richkers are taking over the website! Now Jeff has been added to TimberBase.


The official group photo from the reunion has been posted (it's quite large). They took 4 or 5 shots, and of course they used the one where I'm giving the finger! Below the photo, I've started a list to identify everyone, but as you can see, quite a few are unknown. I need your help...


Now the floodgates have really opened! Toby Richker has been added to TimberBase.


Ronny Richker has been added to TimberBase. He gives us this update on himself and his siblings...

Remember the RICHKERS? Originally from Houston, Texas. Jeff Richker (now 38) - Physician - Golden, Colorado (Jeff was, and still remains, the Tushball champ). Toby Richker (now 36) - Dallas, Texas (Toby was the Trampball champ....battled Jimmy Hiken for the crown). Perry Richker (36) - Houston, Texas Toby's twin brother. Ronny Richker (33) - that's me; attorney --- Houston, Texas. I was the one on the cover of Timberlife in '76. Oh other.....our cousin, RUSS RICHKER --- into zinc, lives in Los Angeles.


Even more reunion pics, this time courtesy of Fred Bierman.


Still more reunion pics, courtesy of Jeff Mossler.


More reunion pics have been posted, including some from Stephanie Busalacchi Drake and Lee Glicksman.

Andrew Gold (1985-93) has been added to TimberBase.


Nothing will be posted or changed on the site today as it is our third anniversary, and I will be busy thanking Heidi for marrying such a schmuck...


A bunch of new 1965 photos have been posted throughout the site, again thanks to Steve Safer. And a few more reunion pics have been added, courtesy of Jeff Mossler.


Thanks to Steve Safer's 1962 Memory Book, we now have our earliest pictures of Camp Timberlane. They can be found in the Scrapbook section, as well as the Cabin Photo Archive (you won't believe the cabin names they were using back then), and the Staff Photo Archive.

Also, a bunch more reunion pics have been posted, with more on the way...


A new letter from HH, detailing the reunion, has been posted here.


The first few pics from the reunion can be found here, I'll be adding more regularly, so keep checking back.

8/23/00 (POST CAMP)

Whew! I'll leave it to you to post the superlatives in The Central Area...let me just say that I'm not ready to go back to school just yet.

I hope to have the first pics posted tomorrow night (hopefully). Heidi and I were having such a great time that we didn't take as many as we had hoped. I encourage everyone who has shots to somehow get them to me for inclusion on the site. An attachment thru e-mail is preferred, but if you have to send me the actual photos, I'll scan them and get them back to you within a week. Obviously, try not to send your only copies.

E-mail me for our mailing address..

Also, I've gotten some inquiries regarding the video I made. Harold and I are working on making copies available to anyone who wants them, but we have nothing finalized yet. We'll definitely have an announcement in the next month.

Alan Abramson (76-77) and Mike "Conehead" Cohen (67-78) have been added to TimberBase. I've started making additions and revisions to listings as given to me at the reunion. I'll have them all done in a week or so.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for welcoming Heidi during her visits from next door. After spending months writing about folks like Matt Healy, Barry Schulman, and Fred Bierman; she was finally able to experience them firsthand, as my words could never do them justice. I am grateful to her for joining me on one of the the most important weekends of my life...and camp was even more beautiful with her there.


We're away at camp, and then a little vacation. Seeya next week...


David Siegel (1985-93) has been added to TimberBase.


Larry Bond (1970-75) has been added to TimberBase.


Bruce Gollub (1965-72) has been added to TimberBase.

I spoke with Leslie Cohen, and she informs me that you will indeed get to choose your own cabin at the reunion. There will be about ten cabins (I don't know which) available to us, the rest being for current Timberlane staff there to help out.

I have been putting together a special video of old film footage to show during the festivities. It'll be about an hour long, and consist of film dating as far back as the 1960's, although most of it is from 1973 to 1982. Mike Cohen will also be showing a historical video that incorporates some of this footage, but for those of you who attended during this period, you don't want to miss the complete version. I hope to show it a few times over the weekend so everyone can have a chance to see it.


Mike and Leslie Cohen sent us the following letter detailing reunion plans...

Our second session is winding down already. It is just incredible how quickly the summer goes by. On the bright side, that means the 40th Anniversary Reunion is right around the corner. We want to make sure you're all set for a fantastic weekend, so please make note of the following information:

1.. In addition to whatever clothing you're planning to bring, you should also bring the following:

a.. Bedding - including a pillow, and either sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag

b.. Towel(s)

c.. Something warm to wear. This time of year the evenings can be quite cool.

d.. Baseball glove and tennis racquet, if you're planning to play.

e.. Ben Gay....if you're planning to play.

2.. Our schedule is going to be pretty casual. Thursday night will be some kick back time to just re-acquaint yourself with old camp friends and meet new ones. We'll be having a campfire on Friday night, so if you play guitar and are able to bring it along, please do.

3.. On Saturday night, we're planning to hold our own Timber Casino in camp. We'll have Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, and other assorted games. We'll also have a bookie who can take bets on various Tushball matches, 1 on 1 basketball, ping pong, etc. It'll be a very safe casino since we'll also have security hired, and they'll be packing some powerful squirt guns. Here are some more Casino details:

a.. Besides having fun, the purpose of the casino is to raise money for the Camp Kids Foundation. This foundation is based in St. Louis, MO. and raises money to send underpriveleged kids from St. Louis and Chicago to camp. There are many similar organizations, but this one is unique in that it sends kids to midwest independent camps like ours, rather than agency camps. This summer alone we had 7 boys join us through the foundation, and in total over 80 kids went to independent camps via the Camp Kids Foundation. The experience these kids have at camp can be life-changing for them. We hope you agree that it is a worthwhile and much needed opportunity for us to support.

b.. For you to get involved, you can purchase "Timber Bucks" with a tax-deductible donation to the Camp Kids Foundation. Timber Bucks are camp currency specifically made for the casino. We'll be selling them for 10 - 20 cents on the dollar.

c.. With your winnings from the casino, you'll be able to bid on items at our post-casino auction. Some items we will have on the block include:

a.. Memorabilia from camp like camp signs, old photos, the Polarski Pole, etc.

b.. Memorabilia from the old Arrowhead Taven.


d.. If you would be willing to help by playing in a tushball, ping pong, or basketball match for the sports book, please let us know and we'll schedule you in.

e.. The casino and auction should end by 9:30 or so, leaving you plenty of time to head to town or the real casino if you care to.

4.. WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT CAMP: Please check in with us. We'll have some paperwork for you to sign (courtesy of our lawyer), and you can figure out which cabin you want to move into. Starting around 5:00 or so we'll have some snacks in the Lodge and the festivities will begin.

We're looking forward to seeing you all soon. Please feel free to call (at 715-356-6022) or email us if you have any questions.


Phil Perlson writes...

Kiddies, I (aka, Uncle Perl) am unable to attend the reunion. (AWWWWWWWW) As the wimpy, candy-assed yet well-dressed French say, "C'est la vie." Steve Bratter and I are startin pre-production soon on a lil movie we wrote a few years ago, "Busy Beavers" starting the week of the 14th; plus, I'm livin on the edge financially, and don't get paid my writer's fee until we begin principal photography (ie; the first day of shooting, as Tommy Callaheinous knows), which comes after the 5 weeks slated for pre-production. Till then, shit work be keepin a roof over me head and grub in me belly and nothin' beyond that cuz I only work 30-35 hours a week. Can't spend ALL my timing working AND working on stories, so I live on the edge rather than working 45 or 50 hour weeks for a paycheck. Gonna be WAY busy in a matter of days, so I probably woulda had to forgo a trip home either way. I'm trying not to think about it too much!! I know I'll be missing a kick-ass time, damn it! I expect to hear all about it!...I'll write again before the big weekend arrives.


A 1979 recording of Tom Callahan and Martin Lynch performing "Me & My Uncle" has been posted (in streaming RealAudio) on the Timber-Audio page. This comes from a 45 minute tape given to me by David Susman. I'll post a few more songs soon, and hope to make copies of the full tape available to anyone interested (after I finish a technical restoration). These audio clips take up quite a bit of room on the website, so please tell me if you're listening and what you think...


Marc Katz (1981-1985) has been added to TimberBase.


A new letter from Harold Hiken has been posted, detailing some of his plans for the reunion.

Jon Heller relayed a message from Tom Callahan, who informs us he WILL be up north for the reunion, and plans to stop by.


Kevin Stoler has been added to TimberBase.

Mike "Meadow" Jacobs and Dave Susman dropped by earlier today and we watched the old camp film on video. Meadow is on his way to Hong Kong for about ten days, and then plans to have laser vision surgery (no more glasses) before the reunion.


Steve Tarney, a camper from 1963 to 1968, has been added to TimberBase.


Alan Mishlove (pictured here) has been added to TimberBase.


Larry Grossman writes...

I've been hoping that I would be coming to the reunion. Unfortunately, I can't. That weekend I'll be taking my daughter Annie to the University of Kansas where she will be a freshman. I can honestly tell you that only something of this personal importance would keep me from attending. I guarantee you any business commitment would have been cancelled! No summer ever passes without my remembering Timberlane and the great times I experienced, as well as the friendships and personal growth. I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Gary Drapkin. He was only a year behind me and we spent a great deal of time together in the Ski department and with the TimberBats. He was a great guy then and I'm sure truly missed. I am delighted to hear Harold is still actively involved with kids. Not surprised.

I'm actually writing this on a flight to San Francisco. I currently work for an SF based company. Yes, it's an internet startup and there are maybe 3 people in the company my age or older! Kind of like my last year at camp! I'm in charge of revenue generation for the company and travel almost every week. (NO FUN) My oldest son, Adam, will be a junior at UW in Madison. He loves it and is a poli sci major, thinking about law school. My daughter starts at Kansas and my youngest son, Robby, is a sophomore in high school. Ellen and I have been married now for 23.5 years and she's heard more than her fair share of camp tales! Please send my regards to all who might remember me. I'll certainly be at the reunion in spirit. Let me know how it goes...


I just got a note from Mike Cohen, and yes, he will still accept reunion registrations for an undetermined amount of time. However, he is limited on the amount of goodies he will be distributing (videos, t-shirts, etc.), so there is no guarantee you get these with a late registration.


Well, the deadline to register for the reunion has passed, and at last count, there were 106 names on the attendee list. It seems as if most of them are from the Hiken era...very impressive indeed. I don't know what Mike Cohen's policy is on late registration, but you can try e-mailing Mike, or calling him (or his wife Leslie) at (715) 356-6022.


Vance Liebman really regrets he won't be able to make the reunion, but has some pressing family business to attend to. He also corrects me...

Your 1969 KTIM picture is not KTIM. In 1968 KTIM had become very popular. The result was that the rear of the ski dock side of the shed on the building that you know as the craft shop (but was then called the garage) was cleared out in 1969. (in '68 KTIM had only the front half). We equipped the KTIM with the basic furniture that you later knew, but it only used the newly clean rear. In '69 the counselor pictured (I know his first name was Dennis and I think his last name was Wolf) brought up his HAM radio gear. We set up a HAM radio operation. Among other things we made an antenna and put it on the Hiken house, but it never worked very well. Ham Radio was a one year project. That winter the Garage collapsed and the building with the craft shop and KTIM that you knew was built. Steve Brown, Bill Coy, Al Johnson (who never worked at camp but used to vacation with us during pre camp) and I wired the new building. When the new building was built the shed on the back of the garage was extended for the full length of the garage. KTIM got the lodge side and the ski dock side was used for storage and other things depending on the year. I could be off on a year or another detail on this stuff, but one detail that your picture brought back was that H was too cheap to let us do Formica for the Ham radio table so we used contact paper. You can see it pealing off in the picture.


Josh Taxman writes...

Ellen, Hannah (9 1/2), Talia (5 1/2) and I will be at Agawak for family camp (it's our 9th or 10th year now)! I expect I'll be doing the daily commute to Timberlane with Billy for the reunion....maybe even do a sleepover one night! Anyway, I live in Boulder, Colorado -- 3091 Third Street, Boulder, CO 80304. I work in real estate development and investment management. I'm also using a new e-mail address most of the time --


Here's a new feature, click on any underlined name in TimberBase to see to a picture of the person. Some are only group shots where the individual is present. If I've missed anyone whose picture is on the site somewhere, please let me know and I'll make a link.


A new picture of the Jeff Mossler clan is now posted in the Post-Timberlane area.


After a long absence, Jim Salinsky returns to TimberBase. He writes...

I'd like to come to the reunion, I'm supposed to be on vacation the week before...I'll see. God, it's funny to see your database, you can add me. I'm doing web sites and CD's for GE Medical in Milwaukee. Check out our latest, Work is good, married almost 10 years, one kid, 4 years old.


Dan Aron has been added to TimberBase.

The e-mail addresses for Tom Easthouse and Sara Marino don't appear to be valid. If anyone knows how they can be reached, please contact me.


David German has been added to TimberBase. He's now a plastic surgeon, but don't get too excited Pud, I don't think he does hair transplants...


Bill Coy (1964-66), one of the architects of radio station KTIM, has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I found the current camp website with a simple search and that led me to your website. I emailed Steve Brown to share it with him. Yours was obviously much more interesting for us. Good work. Please put me on your list. My brother Bob Coy plays golf with Harold every week of the summer. He and his wife Jodine live in Minocqua in the summer and the Phoenix area in the winter. They are retired and the proud grandparents to three boys and three girls ranging in age from 1 to 11. Unfortunately, he has not joined the internet revolution, as such he has no email address...YET!

At the end I have listed both his and my addresses. I don't think he would mind...

I live in Signal Hill, California. It is about 30 miles south of downtown LA and totally surrounded by the city of Long Beach. I'm originally from Des Moines, Iowa and that was where I was living in the 60's when I was a counselor at Camp Timberlane. Bob got me to come to camp during the second half of the summer in 1964. I came back in 1965 bringing Steve Brown with me. I was also there in 1966. From 1967 - 72 I would come up pre-camp to set up KTIM and install various other major electrical upgrades for the camp. I am a Sr. Design Engineer for Antex Electronics. We manufacture digital audio equipment for broadcast, post production, and the satellite radio industries.

Bill Coy - 2240 N. Legion Dr. #209 Signal Hill, CA 90806 (562) 595-4420

Bob and Jodine Coy - 9518 Country Club Road Minocqua, WI 54548 (715) 356-2743
11545 W. Sand Trout Ct. Surprise, AZ 85374 (623) 572-6774

Bill also shares the following info regarding the "legality" of KTIM, which was often in question...

Back in the 1960's the FCC allowed (tolerated) unlicensed transmitters only if the power level was 100 milliwatts (0.1watts) or less. With an antenna lower than tree level that power level wouldn't have gotten past the Tushball court. We tried many ways of getting the signal around camp, but finally settled on 5 watts and a horizontal antenna above the Tushball court. The frequency we chose was the same as a 50,000 watt station in Minneapolis. This made sure that our very weak signal would never be heard off camp property (at night anyway).

Things are quite different today. The FCC in recent years has relaxed its rules on unlicensed broadcasting on both the AM and FM bands. KTIM would be perfectly legal today! So you see KTIM was a leader in the fight to free the airwaves of goverment oppression!!! Ha!!


Rob Bond (1969-77) has been added to TimberBase.


With the success of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", I decided it was time we had a big prize game. So go to NAME THAT CAMPER and good luck!


Former assistant director Steve Brown (1965-70), and his wife Terry (1968-70), have been added to TimberBase. Steve writes...

I was a tripper for two years, and assistant director for four. In between years 3 and 4, I got married and brought my bride Terry to camp. She taught Arts & Crafts and typing. If you look at the 1969 Arts & Crafts photo , Terry is the one in the dress; Jimmy Hiken is second from left, and I think Scott Goodman is to the far right. Vance was my protege, Mark Faiwell was a fellow tripper. My friend Bill Coy (his brother Bob was the original waterfront director) and I built KTIM; the original transmitter was a ham radio transmitter that Bill modified to broadcast over the AM band (highly illegal, but the radio signal never got past the mess hall). It was a pleasure reading Harold's letter. I can't believe he is 72....but even so, I don't remember that he ever had hair!

We're proud parents of Amy (age 27; Captain, USAF, Korea), and Bryan (age 25, married and living in Portland, Or). I practiced law in Eugene and Medford, Oregon before becoming an Administrative Law Judge in 1982. I will retire in '02. Terry owns two businesses (copy and sign) and will retire as soon as a suitable buyer is found. We plan to travel to wherever our grandchildren are living and spoil the living heck out of them. So far, only grandkittys. The door is always open; but so far only Vance and Beth Liebman have visited.


Frank Sternick has been added to TimberBase.


Dr. Greg Echt has been added to TimberBase.


Rick Ross has been added to TimberBase.


Here's a pic of Pete Kaufman and Nancy Schor's new arrival, Julia.


Maury Hecht has been added to TimberBase. He says he plans on attending the reunion.


Tom Easthouse's e-mail address has been added to TimberBase; we hope to have more info from him soon.

In case you haven't heard, Pete Kaufman and wife Nancy are new parents of a baby girl, Julia.

Finally, I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to my darling beauty, Heidi. Without her support and effort, this site wouldn't flourish...and without whom, I wouldn't flourish.


Steve Lieberman, 1972-74 alumnus, has been added to TimberBase. In addition to enclosing a current picture, he writes...

I was referred to the site by my buddy, Jeff Roth. We were cabinmates...along with Mark Sophir and Bruce Sokolik. One summer, my counselor was Brian Gelber, my bodyguard. He had to protect me from the two biggest bullies at Timberlane, Brad Sandler and Jeff Schecter. To this day I still am angry at them, although I have become friends with Schecter. Also, Mike "Rosey" Rosenfeld and I get together occasionally here in LA, where I am an elementary school teacher. By the way, my other bodyguard was Gary German. Another great memory or two....catching a northern pike and having it cooked for me...delicious. Also, sneaking into the lodge for cinnamon toast, ALL THE TIME!! The more butter, the better. And, I wasn't too bad at trampball. Brian Gelber and I were a great team. Oh, I almost forgot....I went to Drake U. with Peter Kaufman and Wally Posner. I'll never forget the first day of school, Wally tearing a leg off a pair of pants that I was wearing at the time. He was a bad boy. In conclusion, you can see my great tennis form at the pic in the Scrapbook, entitled....Tennis With Terry Goldin and Andy Mintz (1973) two-handed backhand is still blazing! They called me the "Rocket" at Ladue High in St. Louis.


Harold has graced us with a new mini-newsletter which I've tried to forward to everyone. You can also read it here.


To get their minds off the Bobby Knight mess, Rick and Richelle Mossler have again become parents. Matthew Jason Mossler was born 4/12/00, weighing in at 7lb, 1oz.


Mike Cohen informs us that about 70 folks have signed up for Reunion 2000. He says you MUST register by July 15th in order to attend, even if you plan on dropping by for just one day. Mike expects a last minute rush on registations, so get yours in ASAP.


The Original Jeff Roth has been added to TimberBase. I call him 'The Original' because some imposter in the late '70's used the same name...but I wasn't fooled! This is the guy who gave me the name 'Gazzoo', but I've decided to list him anyway. He writes...

Mark Sophir ran into Foster Becker at a meeting for their kids baseball league. Foster told Mark about the reunion. Mark told me. I spoke to Bernie Schachter for the first time in 17 years. Mark and Bruce Sokolik still live in St. Louis. I split my time between my home in Florida and my law firm in St. Louis. What's Wally Posner up to? Was all of this your idea? This web site is incredible! I'm in heaven...

Jeff brings up an interesting point...just what is Wally Posner up to?


Dave Susman recently showed me a copy of The Falcon Companies 1999 Annual Report. What's this got to do with Timberlane? Well, check out their Vice President / International.


Ed Fried has finally joined the ranks of TimberBase. He writes...

I'm looking forward to the reunion (even though I have procrastinated signing up for it!!), and have been working on my basketball skills so that I can again kick the ass of any of those Indianapolis guys who still believe that the 1976 Indiana team could actually beat Marquette!!! I look forward to a reenactment of the final day bus antics of Mike Weinstock and his meeting with the Louisville trunks!! Finally, congratulations to Bobbo Heilbronner on the recent birth of his third child and second son!!

I went to camp from 1967 to 1979. I returned to Porters Gymnastics Camp for a couple of years after that just so I could enjoy the fantasy island and get laid at least once a year. I am a CPA who has spent the last six years as Controller of Heiser Automotive Group overseeing the accounting and financial operations of all five of our dealerships and 4 other corporate entities. I have a step daughter, Katrina, who is 15 and daughter Morgan who is 6 and my wife is Kathy. Other than that I lead a fairly typical suburban life style but I am hardly a Lester Burnham from "American Beauty" (although I wouldn't mind bonking that little faux nymphet blonde in the movie). Looking forward to hearing from everyone... 455 North Beaumont Ave. Brookfield, WI 53005 (H) 262-797-9154 (W) 414-357-2168


Nancy (Rowen) Cole has been added to TimberBase. She writes that she's living in Arlington Heights, IL with her hubby and 3 kids, and works as Senior Licensing Manager for The Bradford Exchange.


Among the new items posted today are the lyrics to Five Constipated Men...please check and let me know if these are correct; I don't recall the second name as being what's listed. Also, it was always customary to add a sixth constipated man, send me some of those additional lyrics and I'll post them (the first name I remember adding was Jersey).


Well, I've finally gotten a chance to start posting some more'll find a few new ones in the Cabin Photo Archive. New stuff will now be posted fairly regularly, so keep checking around the site.


In addition to the alumni apparel, David Branovan's ABC Gifts is now offering us regular camper gear; including t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and a whole lot more. To see his camper catalog click here.


As you should know by now, this site has a new home at TUSHBALL.COM. The benefits of this are twofold...first of all, an easier address for you to remember and pass on. Secondly, our storage capacity is increased by 500%...allowing us to start posting more of the hundreds of photos we have in our possesion, as well as anything you might want to pass along.


Sally Fried Reiner sends us this note...

The job fairy finally found me with an offer I could not refuse last Sept. I am with DKNY, starting a new watch division for them with the makers of Fossil watches. I just opened a new showroom on Fifth Avenue and we are shipping for the first time world wide to 2000 different accounts. My email address remains the same, but I can add my work phone: 212-239-4242. See you next summer at the reunion.


Harry and Wende Stern are the new proud parents of a baby girl, Molly Rose. She was born on February 23, and shares a birthday with Sophie Plattner.


The Great Carl Bassewitz Hunt is finally over. He is alive and well, and has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Boy I feel old! I checked out your site - INCREDIBLE!! - I live in Houston and am married with an 8 year-old son, Beau. I have my own sports marketing consulting business - focusing on pro sports teams, new arenas and stadiums, and entertainment. My current clients are Houston NFL 2002 - the new NFL expansion team, Turner Sports and Entertainment (including Atlanta Hawks, Braves, Thrashers, Cartoon Network) and the Portland Trailblazers.


Barry Kallmeyer has been added to TimberBase.

Brian "Willy" Williams has moved and says...I have accepted new position as Director of Planned Giving in the Office of Advancement at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Knox is my alma mater, and is just down the road from Pud. Tell Pud that I plan on dropping in sometime when I am in Peoria. New email and phone number are and (309) 341-3473 (home).


Craig Rouben has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

My wife Willow is from Brooklyn, and her father tells me about having a caddy with a lot of open trunk space. I'm a registered nurse, and have been doing medical sales for quite a while. We don't have kids yet, but do have two dogs and we're buying a new house in about a month. Things are good. I'm back in Louisville after an extended hiatus. It's much warmer here than in Minneapolis. As far as camp goes, I began in 1977 and finished in 1985. My brother Lonnie is also doing well. He is a pulmonologist in Louisville, married to a beautiful woman (no kidding) who is also an OB/GYN. They have a son who is now eight and turning out to be a great guy. This is a great site. Amy Larson called and told me about it. It's just good to hear that everyone is doing well.

Now can someone explain that first sentence to me?


Many of you have inquired about John and Corrine from the Arrowhead tavern. Well I was chatting online with Tom Callahan, and he reports that they're alive and well and still living in Minocqua. Then Tom had to go because the baby was crying...It boggles the mind.

I have fixed the Post-Timberlane page, which I didn't realize had been non-functional. Please let me know if you come across a link that doesn't work.


All the way from Switzerland, Howard Riezman (my first year JC) has been added to TimberBase. He's a Biochemistry Professor...which is no surprise as he always kicked ass in Biochemistry on UN Day. You can see a current picture of Howard by clicking here.


Marc Zussman, 1978-85 alumnus has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I attended Camp Timberlane from 1978-1985. From a 10 year old camper through a JC. I currently am an Orthopedic Surgeon in Peoria, Illinois and you can guess who stopped by the office today. It was Pud of course! One of my former counselors and later my SC when I was a JC. I actually tried to look him up when I first moved here in August of '99, but only saw a PO box. In any event, here's a brief summary...After my last year of camp I went to University of Illinois at Champign/Urbana. I then attended med school at University of Illinois at Chicago. I did a residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Loyola University Medical Center and actually lived in David Susman's home town of Oak Park for a year (unfortunately Dave, who was one of my former cabinmates, was not living there at the time). After residency, I did a one year fellowship in Orthopedic Traumatology in Indianapolis. I looked up Jeff Mossler, one of my former counselors, but never got around to calling him as I didn't think he would remember who I was. That brings me to now where I started in private practice in Peoria at Midwest Orthopaedic Center. I currently am 32 years old, and along the way got married to my wife Karen (1993), got a dog (Lily-a yellow lab) and had a daughter Rachel (1996). There is another little one on the way in the end of March. That's about it in my life and I would love to hear from any of my contempoaries.

Marc Zussman
2600 W. Sunset Ct.
Peoria, IL 61615


Ben Crane, who attended camp from 1986 (H's last year) until this past summer, has been added to TimberBase. He enclosed the following thoughtful note...

Hello my name is Ben Crane. I am a former camper and counselor of Camp Timberlane from 1986 to 1999. I was sort of hoping that you could add me to the TimberBase. I know I was not there for the true H years, but I do remember H singing at the campfires and the great ghost stories he used to tell. If you do not want to add me to the TimberBase I understand. I know that the camp has changed a lot over the years, especially from when you were there. I saw first-hand many of the changes that Mike has made, but to tell you the truth, I think Timberlane is as good now as it was when I first started going. Sure, some of the traditions are gone, like Grudge Night, and yes, most of the names on the cabin walls have been removed...but the camp spirit is the same. It is still a magical place, and that will never change.

Timberlane meant the world to me and I would not have traded the experience for anything. This coming summer will be the first in 15 years that I will not be heading up north; unfortunately the real world calls. I am currently a second year medical student at Rush Medical Center (Chicago), and will be starting my clerkship on July 5th. As for the reunion, I would love to hang out with everyone, but I'm not sure if I can make it. Most of the names sound so familiar from seeing them on the walls, hearing stories, or talking to you guys when you visit.

Before I forget, I heard of Timberlane through my cousin Carl Bassewitz. I can report that he is doing well. He is currently living in San Antonio, Texas and has been married for almost ten years and has a kid. Last I talked to him he was working for the San Antonio Spurs as chief of their marketing department. Unfortunately, I do not have his e-mail address, but as soon as I get it I will pass it on to you.


Ben Crane
14 W. Elm St. Apt. #1504
Chicago, IL 60610


Bobby Weiss has been added to TimberBase. He writes... I have been in the Chicago area for about 13 years now. Indiana University undergrad and Northwestern for Grad School. Still a basketball junkie, play every Monday night, and have recently started to run marathons.

Sorry we haven't posted much new stuff recently, but Heidi and I are preparing for our move to our new house in nearby Oak Park; where we will be living just a couple of blocks from David Susman.


Sara Marino has been added to TimberBase.


Mark Plattner writes...

We sat around all day and night yesterday waiting for the end of the world, but all we got was a very sleepy Peter Jennings by the time it was all over. I just took another quick tour of the Timbersite and I want to let you know how great it is. It's amazing how it stays with us. For me, Timberlane represented the best and worst of my youth; it is indelibly burned into my consciousness, I can't explain it to anyone who hasn't been there. It's also great to see what everyone is now up we all transformed from degenerate youths to (for the most part) responsible members of the community-I have no clue.

Speaking of which, I myself am a digital monkey (i.e. a production artist for a marketing and promotions company) and my job consists of finishing the artwork (Anheuser Busch cutouts and standups) and running it through our proofing system, disking it up and getting it out the door. I also am publishing a book soon (I hope), I may or may not be good, but I figure what the hell. I think its pretty cool. Meanwhile, Let the buyer beware.

Also, I just got married October 9, and the picts are on-line at It was a small wedding, but a great time was had by all. I dug out my old Timber books and will scan them in this week. I don't remember what year I came in, but the following year-you'll see a young Pud Heller as a JC in my cabin with a large Jim Goldstein. Anyway, I'm not sure whether I'll hit the reunion or not, but I'll always have Timberlane in my mind and my heart.