Jim Goldstein has emerged from the shadows and has been added to TimberBase.


Martin Lynch has moved to the east coast, he writes...

I've moved and changed jobs, but I'm with the same company. I'm now the VP of Engineering, Server Products Group at Maxtor. Here's my new info: 16 Fawn Ridge Rd. Hopkington, MA 01748 (H) 508-881-2199 and (W) 508-770-2116.

his e-mail address remains the same.

...and due to popular demand, I've taken the blaring music off the main index page. Now those of you who like to look at at work won't get busted.


Bobby Handmaker's updated e-mail address and info is now on TimberBase.


A heartfelt thanks from Heidi and myself for all the wonderful letters we've received. The most eye-opening came from Lee Glicksman who wrote..."You know the drugs they gave you in the hospital for pain. Don't take em! Save em til your kids a teenager and you really need em..."


It's a girl!...Madison Michele Gassel, born at 3:11 am. 7 lbs. 1 oz of future Agawak see the first pics, CLICK HERE


Ron Klain (1970-75), who we all saw on tv last year speaking for the Gore campaign during the election snafu, has been added to TimberBase. Ron is currently an attorney with O'Melveny & Myers in D.C. He writes...

I just learned of this from John Marks. What memories! Timber-Alums should call if they come and visit Washington. (202) 383-5300


What a week...

So far the immediate TImberlane family seems to have emerged unscathed. This doesn't make it easier to accept the tragedies, but the mere fact that we need to account for everyone only underscores how random its victims were.

After hearing of the attacks, my first instinct was to check TimberBase to see who might be at the World Trade Center. I saw that Jory Cahn is an investment banker in New York, and that raised concern. Luckily, I've since learned that Jory and other alum in the area (Steve Feigenbaum and Dan Aron) are okay.

September 11, 2001


Brian Doner (1971-79) has been added to TimberBase.


A slight change to TimberBase, work-related websites are now linked to the occupation listing. Personal websites are still in the "Home Page" column.


Gary Winston (1975-80) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Just found the website, it was a fun trip down memory lane. Sent Jim Hiken an e-mail...excuse me, DR. Jim Hiken. I knew he was smart...


New pics have been posted in the Scrapbook and Cabin Photo Archive; thanks to Ray Carter and Mike Roberts for providing the photos.



Josh Mervis (1977-85?) has been added to TimberBase, He writes...

I really like the site. Especially seeing my big brother giving someone else a grundy for once! I'm General Manager & Head Coach of the Danville Wings NAHL, a Junior A hockey team. Here's our address: Josh & Lynn Mervis 1100 Lake Ridge Rd. Danville IL 61832-1612


Courtesy of John Marks comes a rare audio tape of Harold teaching and singing the song "Alouette". YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS! It can be found on the TIMBER-AUDIO page.


Michael Ash (1983-86) has been added to TimberBase, He writes...

Last night my partner Krista and I stayed up until 3 am while I told her stories about Camp Timberlane (It's lucky for me that she's a good listener). She found your website and passed it along to me. We live in Western Massachusetts with our son Ezekiel who was born in September 2000. Both Krista and I got our PhDs at the University of California and now we teach in the social sciences at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. We go to Chicago to see my family pretty frequently but we haven't been up to Woodruff or camp together yet. I was at Timberlane 1983-1986 (and went on the ski trip winter 1986-87). I was supposed to be a second year JC in 1987 but instead I went to France after my HS graduation. My complete address is: Michael Ash, 47 Mount Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002 (413) 549-9333

...and thanks to Michael for pointing out that "Bravo!" was not on the Songs & Cheers page. This situation has now been remedied, and you can find it here.


Dr. James Hiken and his lovely wife Susan are the proud new parents of a baby boy born June 28--Avram Josef Hiken--aka Avi.


Jeff Echt has been added to TimberBase.


Two new additions to TimberBase, Alan Harkavy and the legendary Foster Becker, who writes...

I own a paint manufacturing company in St. Louis. We sell product all over the world. I hold a patent in barrier technology, and working on a second one in UV technology. I settled in St. Louis after college. I am married and have two great kids. Our oldest Lauren just got Bas Mitzvah a week ago. Hope to hear more about Timberlane Alums.


More shots of downtown Minocqua thru the years, and an updated link to the official Min-Aqua Bats website, have been added to the Cruiser Day page.


Joel Brazy (yep really) has joined the ranks of TimberBase. He writes...

This is way way too cool. I only wish I could have been at the reunion. No one told me or I would've dropped everything. Please let me know next time. These are the people who formed my life, whom I dearly love and admire.

Joel Brazy
Director of Marketing
Full Compass Systems
3017 Maple Valley Dr. #201
Madison, WI. 53719


Here's a shot of Dean Salit's newborn son Joseph Morris...with wife Denise and daughter Sydney.


A photo of the Carl Bassewitz clan, with comic Ray Ramano has been posted here. The shot was taken on the set of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Carl visited Timber-alum, and "Raymond" director, Ken Shapiro.


Michael Sadoff (1981 & 1984-87) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Soon after the birth of our son, I went and did a search on his full name and found my name as a missing alumni for Camp Timberlane. It was very interesting to see the various websites including I have been back in Milwaukee for a year after 10 years in Minneapolis and 2 years at George Washington University in DC. I am an investment advisor, married with one newborn son. The website brings back a lot of fun memories...


Brian Schwam (1974-75) has been added to TimberBase.


Mark Blankstein has been added to TimberBase.


Deep from the archives comes a program from the 1971 TimberBats; with original artwork that must have taken all of 22 seconds to create. Also posted is my 1978 Staff Contract, which did not include a no-trade clause...I could have been shipped off to Algonquin at any time. Once again, thanks to my gorgeous Heidi for finding these treasures and getting them ready to post.


For those you who keep Meadow in your address books, please note that his e-mail address has changed to This updated address has also been posted to TimberBase. I had the pleasure of lunching with Meadow (and David Susman) today as he passed thru Chicago on his way overseas for business.


Newsletter #5 from 1972 has been posted by Heidi. Harold tells about a thunderstorm the first night of second session which, although not mentioned, caused the fire which destroyed the original Bosacki's. Harold also details the confusing finish of UN Day, in which a scoring error was found, and changed the final outcome.


Heidi has posted Newsletter #3 from 1977, with a funny story about Reed Sexter trying to score a cup of coffee.


Barry Gubin has been added to TimberBase.


Another alum who makes it in just under the wire, Billy Siegel (86-90) has been added to TimberBase.


Heidi has posted Newsletter #4 from 1977, which features a rather curious story about Dorothy Herlitz taking kids out of the lodge during meals. Special thanks to David Susman for providing this.


Newsletter #1 from 1972 is now online, thanks again to Heidi.

FYI...we're running low on copies of 'Camp Film'...and I don't know when more will be made. So don't come bellyaching to me if you miss out.


The Pre-Camp Newsletter from 1972 has been posted by my Heidi.


Of all the things on this site, I think my favorite are the old newsletters. Harold's descriptions of the day -to-day activiites are so vivid, you feel you're back at we've posted Newsletter #8 from 1974.


Heidi strikes again! Newsletter #8 from 1972 has been posted.


Scott Gordon has been added to TimberBase.

Heidi has posted the September 1978 letter from Mark Faiwell, announcing his purchase of the camp. Click here to read it.


Neil Heller is a father for the fourth time, as he and wife Laurie welcome daughter Katy Marie. Click here to see a picture.

The Timberlane History page has been updated with links to better tell the story of camp...check it out, I think you'll enjoy it.


Reed Sexter (1975-81) and Dave Simon (1985-86) have been added to TimberBase. Reed writes:

...I am originally from Louisville and am a year younger than Kevin Stoler and Steve Koby. Bruce Lerner a/k/a Shucky (from Louisville) was my best friend at camp, and remains a very close friend. I attended Timberlane from 1975 through 1981. I currently work in Washington, DC as an attorney in the law office of Piper Marbury Rudnick and Wolfe. The website is terrific. Thanks for helping me relive some very good memories.

Reed P. Sexter c/o Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe LLP 1200 19th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036


Fred Heller has been added to TimberBase. Martin Lynch has enclosed a recent photo of himself and wife Kelly.


Martin Lynch, Jim Lynch and Mike Roberts have been added to TimberBase. I got this nice letter from Martin:

It's great getting back in touch. It's been a long time since I've talked to anyone from camp. I was feeling a bit nostalgic this summer, so on a whim I searched for a Timberlane web site and found it. I saw the reunion notice and got a bit depressed that I wouldn't be able to make it. I got re-married (Lis and I divorced in 1989) on August 13, and was on my honeymoon at the time. I actually suggested we postpone the honeymoon, but that was promptly rejected by my wife with one of those looks women are famous for. I checked out your site and it's fantastic. I felt 20 years younger and could actually feel the sounds and experiences from years ago. Listening to Tom Callahan and I was like being transported through a time machine. I've got quite a few tapes of Tom, Phil Perlson, and I along with a lot of photos and rosters from UN/Pow Wow days, etc. Also, I have a tape of Callahan and Ed Fried announcing the world record Tushball tournament I won one summer. The bulletin board was a blast too. I can't believe I've missed all the conversations on the website. You've made my weekend. The wife got a better idea of what camp was like and what I was like back then by viewing the website. Then she saw a few of the pictures and interviews of myself along with more stories and now she's sure she married a nut. I'm living in Boulder, CO and working at Maxtor running the engineering dept. and putting out all those high capacity hard drives that the internet has made a requirement. I moved here about 6 years ago. James also moved here about 3 years ago. He lives about 15 minutes from me. He's been married about 6 years and has a 15 month old boy. I'd like to hear how the reunion was. Now that I've seen your site, I'm going to be more motivated and get some chat time. Have you thought about making a live chat room? Here's James and my info for the database. Thanks again for getting in touch.

MARTIN LYNCH: Location: Boulder, CO Occupation: Executive Director of Engineering, Maxtor Corp. Address: 5596 Olde Stage Rd. Boulder, CO 80302 (H) 303-545-9195 (Cell) 303-588-6331 (W) 303-678-2115

JAMES LYNCH: Location: Longmont, CO Occupation: Quality Technician at NetLibrary (H) 303-682-1276 (Cell) 303-887-8513

Mike Roberts writes:

I am disappointed that I wasn't able to attend the reunion. I read about it in the newsletter. It sounded like it was wonderful. I forgot about the keylog ceremonies. I am currently an Art Director for an Advertising Agency in St. Louis. My home mailing address is: Mike Roberts 626 Vassar Avenue University City MO 63130 I can't remember the exact years I was at Timberlane... I think it was the early 80s maybe late 70s. I'll have to ask my parents. Thanks for making the site.