My name is Bob "Gazzoo" Gassel and I attended Camp Timberlane from 1971 thru '79, and continued to help out into the mid 1980's. During my tenure, I accumulated piles of pictures, papers, and other crap which gathered dust for decades...until the internet provided an outlet with which to share these artifacts and memories. This site will always be a work in progress, and any input you can provide will be welcome. Finally, a special "Bravo"...this would not have gotten off the ground without the loving support of my wife Heidi, who has so generously given of her time to input most of the lists, newsletters, etc. which appear here. This site, and me, are dedicated to her...

December 1, 2019

As you can tell, it's been many years since this site has been updated, most of the alumni interaction is now on our Facebook page. We will try and keep an eye on this site and update it occasionally.


September 15th, 2007

Thanks for the great response to H's 80th Birthday, Gary Gorchoff informs me Harold and the whole family were touched and thrilled.

Pete Stein and Dale Hurwitz have been added to TimberBase.

August 6th, 2007

The Camp Timberlane 1983 promo film, as narrated by Harold, is now online. It's in four parts, check it out...


July 11th, 2007

Paul McCarthy (1976-79) has been added to TimberBase, he writes:

First of all, I am absolutely amazed at the website, to see and re-visit these great camp memories.    Anyways...would love to be included in former campers directory, here are specifics...
Paul McCarthy 1976-1979 (swept the dining hall to pay for my 2nd session in 1978) Camper of the Year, I believe, in 1978. Fond memories or Camp Timberlane, love it !

Also added is our first Honorary Alumni, Debi O’Leary (formerly Hendrickson) who writes:

Hi Bob & Heidi,
I just saw your amazing site on Camp Timberlane memories!! I had to write, what a great site to stay in touch with everyone!!!  Although my Grandma’ s bar “ The Annex” is no longer there to see, I always drive by with a HUGE smile on my face thinking of all the wonderful friendships that were formed there. I will cherish those memories for ever and of course the many times I visited Timberlane! I can only hope my son /daughter will get to experience the “camp family” someday!!
I’m married now, my husband’s name is Sean and we have 2 children, Aidan (5) and Alexis (3). We live in Palos Park, IL but get up to Minocqua as much as possible! Hopefully Aidan & Lexi will be future campers of Timberlane & Agawak!!!  I’d love to hear from some of the Timberlane gang!! Cheers!

March 6th, 2007

Ronnie Geer (1970-75) has been added to TimberBase

February 18th, 2007

Jeff Kaplin (1975-79) has been added to TimberBase

December 29th, 2006

Bob McKay, Tom Callahan And Martin Carney have been added to TimberBase

Bob writes...

G'day to all old friends.Wow 30 years have passed! After leaving camp in 77 I hitch hiked around the states and visited a few camp mates. I even got a lift in California by people that knew fellow staff mates ! I returned to London  and saved for 2yrs to travel around the world (running from a career in an office). London-Europe-Turkey-Iran-Afganistan-Pakistan-India-Nepal-Thailand-Malasia-and onto Australia where I got stuck and still live. After a stint in oil exploration I settled in a very beautiful area (3hrs south from Brisbane)with steep rainforest hills and great beaches on the coast.I have hand built my own home and have a nature wonderland in my face. The rest of my family also moved here along with some good friends so the pressure to return to UK was off. I eventually trained as a tour guide and started my own buisiness taking people to waterfalls and bushwalking etc.. My local village is highly unusual and known for hippys and  alternative lifestyles. My tours also focused on this, alternative energy and Permaculture (google it !!). After many years I relocated the buisiness to Byron Bay (Tourist mecca) and it is now more transport orientated for young backpackers wanting to check out Nimbin ( I have been with my partner Jan for 7 years and we are happy chappies ! Love to hear from people and if anyone comes over this way I'll show you around and sink a few cold beers for the old times !!  Cheers Bob McKay (tripping)
P.S I'll send some photos

Tom writes...

Please add me to your Timberbase. great site. Under one condition: I will only be included if that pimply faced, oily skinned, bald replica of a human being nicknamed "Pud" is eliminated. Please forward this to that snot nosed, little rat face skunk boy. 

November 2, 2006

Easily viewable video clips from the 2000 Reunion can now be viewed here. Thanks to Brian Schlossberg for his extensive work...

October 8th, 2006

Marc Minkin, Adam Davis, Larry Konig and the legendary NICK BELINKI have been added to TimberBase

June 2nd 2006

Sorry for the delay, but I've finally updated a lot of TimberBase listings that have been sent over the last few months. We've also added Doug Barlow, Bruce Klineman, Steve Klineman, Lyle Feigenbaum and Rodrigo Ocejo

January 11th 2006

Happy New Year! I've updated a lot of email addresses and other info on TimberBase.

Gazzoo's 2005 Northwoods Memory Book

Eddie Fried was in rare form, providing his own unique commentary at the Minocqua-Bat show...

Heidi, who had only met Corrine once or twice, spotted her at the Bat show. Here she is with John. Heidi mentioned that a bunch of us were having dinner at Mama's two nights later, and low and behold, she showed up! She sat quietly at the end of the table next to our son Ben, sipping a Martini. My only nervous moments were when Ben grabbed the straw from her drink, and she made no attempt to take it from him. Thinking back on all the slices of pizza Corrine took back in the day, I was tempted to stick her with the check for a dozen people, but she had long since disappeared into the night...

We took the kids to Holiday Acres and Maddie requested a pony ride, everything was fine until we were on a steep incline and she got thrown to the ground, followed by the pony kicking dirt in her mouth and up her nostrils. I think I may have to call Vance about this...

We went with Pud to Timberlane where Mike Cohen gave us a grand tour. The place has never been more beautiful, and the additions Mike has made are astounding. As we marvelled over the new weight-lifting shed, Pud recalled how little money and effort Harold used to give the weight-lifting program. I couldn't help but gaze at Pud and think "how true"...

While a lot of the graffiti is gone, quite a bit still remains. "Pud" is still written nearly a dozen times on the Arapaho counselor room door...

Billie Pierce got her first taste of the Northwoods, and had her own special Hell Night (sleeping with JP). Here she enjoys dinner at Mama's with the ol' H...

Nancy Gorchoff and Dr. Jimmy Hiken

Heidi and I at another late night Agawak campfire...

H changed up the set list at the Family Camp campfire, but was still unable to escape a dousing at the end of "Alouette"...

No this isn't the cast of "Sesame Street"...

Gary Gorchoff and MP in one of the few pictures of them I can use...

Pud belted out a Dew with all the gusto of Jerry Garcia, circa 1995...

Another Bat show capped off our week. It was the last show of the summer as most of the kids had gone back to school. It was here that we learned of the recent passing of Judy Yeshcek, who we all remember skiing with the Bats in the 70's and 80's. The show was dedicated to her...

Before we left town, we had to get another pic of Ben and I at the Timberlane sign. In what I hope will become an annual tradition, it will replace the one we took last year on the intro page to

August 8, 2005

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted here. Raising two toddlers takes up most of our time...

My attempt to keep TimberBase up-to-date is meeting with mixed results; while many of you have responded, quite a few have not. Many emails are being returned as "undeliverable". I urge you again to check your listing to make sure it is correct, and peruse the list for other alumni whose information you can help update.

While going thru my old email, I came across this nugget from from Josh "Sol" Solomon...

My buddy Matt (who didn't go to Timberlane) sent me this URL, which I think is hilarious: . I forwarded it to a bunch of my deadhead friends, including Greg Schatten, but I didn't have his new email address and it bounced. So I Googled him and, lo and behold, there he is Nice site, Gazzoo. And hello to all you others.

Carl: thanks again for the 31 Dec 84 ticket, but what happened to you on 31 Dec 86?

JP: The Rads played your wedding! How cool is that?

MP: Angela (now my wife) quotes your girlfriend (circa Dec 1990) virtually every time I make her listen to free jazz. "I like it, but I don't understand when they are all playing different songs." PS: For some reason it is OK for *her* to repeat a 13-year-old joke ad nauseum, but when I do it, she gives me nasty looks.

Gazzoo: feel free to add my name to TimberBase. I was at camp 78-79. My current home is London (but, as you may remember, I grew up in Glencoe). My occupation is Scientist. Actually, you might enjoy this mini-bio from The Deadheads' Taping Compendium Vol. 2:

"Joshua A. Solomon. First brush with Dead: hearing my counselor play Friend of the Devil on his guitar, Camp Timberlane, 1978. First brush with Live Dead: Alpine 1981. That same year I first picked up the guitar and began amassing tapes. 1985: Met my future wife. Subject of our first conversation: The Dead (and why they suck). 1986: First setlist pool. (10 songs, $1. Tiebreaker: # of songs.) 1993: Helped form the Bay Area Tapers' Group. 1994: hid Dead song acronyms on the cover of Nature."

Said counselor was Tom Callahan. And, of course, David (Boo) Berlin was doing the setlist pool long before I was. I'll ask my mom to dig out my Timberlane albums. She is coming for a visit in April. I'll send scans of whatever she can find to Gazzoo. Hopefully the photos we passed around at the Horizon in '88 are back in there. An official camp portrait will certainly be there, but, for the time being, you might as well hotlink that grundy photo of me to TimberBase. It's just about my only natural smile captured on film.

December 30, 2004

HH has graced us with an update, please check it out here

October 15, 2004

Double-fatherhood has prevented me from updating the site as much as I would like...but now that summer's over, I'll try and catch up on posting the many great photos that have been sent over the past few months. I'll start with the Post-Timberlane page which now has recent photos of Jeff Leiken's Californai wedding and the Danny & Sabrina Plattner family on vacation in Mexico...

August 26, 2004

Billy Greenberg has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

The Timberlane site is fascinating. Thank you so much for maintaining this. My name is Bill (maybe it was still Billy then) Greenberg. I attended Timberlane from either 76-79 or 77-80, I dont remember. I now live in New York City. I work as a fixed income portfolio manager.

By the way, I found a picture of myself on the site, in the 1977 cabin of Seminole. I'm right next to Billy Straus and Steve Rice is next to me. I think that's Marc Plattner in the lower right; and bottom row second from left might be Ed Stein.


July 26, 2004

The last of them David boys, Jon (1975-83), has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Married 11 years, four kids, still trying to convince my wife to let me send our eight year-old son to Timberlane next year. Here is a picture of Doug and me...

June 28, 2004

I've added a shot of HH and Billy Fried taken during Agawak's pre-camp to the Post-Timberlane page.

May 25, 2004

Steve Friedman (1966-75) has been added to TimberBase.

May 12, 2004

Al Posner (1962-63) has been added to TimberBase. No, he's not related to Wally.

Clive Bonnick (1987, 92-94) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Although my years at Camp were 1987 and then 1992-94, I was there in the Harold to Mike change years and know quite a few of the staff from that period. Therefore would you please consider adding me to the list. Harold would remember me as the British guy that came in and changed the Horseback Riding program. I also frequented Agawak as often as I could (and who wouldn't with all the lovely female counselors - sorry Billy).

May 1, 2004

Fred Markoff has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I have been living in Chicago, but am relocating next week to Hawaii for new employment. I will be working for Norwegian Cruise Lines onboard the Pride of Aloha as Provision Master. (Purchasing Manager for all food for the liner) The ship is scheduled to be cruising only 7-day cruises through the Hawaiian Islands.

I will not have a permanent address. However I will be setting up a PO Box once I get to Hawaii. I will be paying to keep my current email address after I shut down my highspeed connection.

I have passed through my second divorce last November, and my son Adam 19 (who was a camper for 2 years at Timberlane) will be going to University of Wisconsin next fall.

I have been told that one of the employee benefits is that I will be able to get discounts for family and friends. What that is, I do not know at this time.

Was sad to see that Mike Kritsig had passed away. What were the details? We were in the same cabin my first summer at camp. I do not remember the skinny dip incident. However he did have a fixation of Jackie Huber.

April 27, 2004

David Branovan writes...

How are you folks doing? Marie and I bought the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. It is a sports bar and restaurant, serving up great camp food. The place has a huge hall with a 25 by 20 screen for movies, ice cold soda, peanuts and popcorn.  It is movie time.

Lets have a Timberlane reunion. We would like to host it whenever you think would be best. There is a hotel 3 miles from the RoadHouse, Cedarburg is 20 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee. What do you think?

The website is being developed now:

April 10, 2004

Martin Lynch has provided us with three new photos for the Cabin Photo Archive. You'll see a "NEW" next to their listing.

April 4, 2004

Rick Mandel has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

John Tarney told me about Now, try to explain to your 9 and 12 year old girls what Tushball is (why would you want to hit a ball on the roof...roll down...and hit again...hmmm), and why is it called "Tushball" (must be this Jewish thing)?

I have 3 girls: 18, 12, 9...and a male dog, thank goodness. We live north of Milwaukee in Mequon. I run our 112 year old family graphics business. To try to capture this empty feeling of life after camp, we bought a home on a small lake. I drift down to the pier at night, look in the sky for those wonderful stars (never like up north), I drift into solitude...then suddenly I see Bobbo Heilbronner run past me buck naked into the water to skinny dip...I wake up in a cold sweat...go back into my house to put the kids to bed. Ah, the memories!!!!

The stories are great. I am glad people like you keep things like Camp Timberlane alive. These were the best times in my lives!

March 5, 2004

Several times over the past few months I have heard concerns from alumni about The Central Area message board. Apparently co-workers have been Google-searching camp names and seeing things in our posts not intended for the general public. Therefore we're forced to introduce password access for The Central Area.

The Central Area Archives are a different story. Until I can figure out a way to restrict access to them, I'm going to have to take them offline. Thanks for your patience...


February 4, 2004

Todd Chapman (1965-76) has been added to TimberBase! He writes...

I regularly talk to Ed Fried and each summer I go up to Minocqua to see one of my daughters (from the first wife) at Agawak. I can't believe how much I miss the Northwoods in the Summers. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was letting Timberlane get away from me...I should have bought it.

Anyway, I have gone to the website several times, I even downloaded the picture from the reunion, I'm still kicking myself in the "ASS" for missing it. Bad timing with work at that juncture. I run into several of the "old timers" now and then. I saw Ken Lorch at Katten Muchin Zavis law firm. I see Larry Grossman at a friend of mine's house, they are related, I see and talk to Ed and Billy. Ed and I were talking to Mike Blechman in Florida for awhile, but he went thru a divorce and sort of disappeared. There is many more, I'll save them for another time.

I had sent you an e-mail a long time ago and I am not sure whether or not it was ever received. I expressed my sincere thanks and gratitude to you, for taking the time and putting forth such a monstrous effort in getting this web site up and running. I enjoy going through things and reminiscing back on my days at Camp, which were many. Some of my best memories in life revolve around my summers at Camp. I will never, never forget them.

This summer while visiting my 13 year old daughter Ariele at Camp Agawak, I went over to the Hiken's and spent several hours with H and Sharon. I just happened to be there when Jimmy and his family were visiting too, along with Susan and her family, minus Richard. It felt like old home week. I was happy and saddened when I pulled out of HH's driveway, I realized how much I miss it in the Northwood's and truly, how tranquil it is there. 

My life in Chicago has not afforded me enough opportunities to visit Camp and enjoy the Northwoods more. I have two families. Two girls from my first marriage, Maurissa 16 and Ariele 14 (this Saturday), they live in Northbrook, Ariele has gone to Agawak for the past couple of years. I am remarried, live in Buffalo Grove, and I have two girls with my wife Wendi, Jordyn 6 and Jenna 3. Neither one of my younger ones are girly girls. Jordyn wants to play football and hockey with the boys. My girl after my own heart. I hope that they will attend Agawak when they are older, so far it is a hard sell to my wife, who was raised in Northbrook and took hard sided luggage and a hair dryer with, the first time I took her to see Camp. I almost did not go thru with the wedding because she did not like Camp and the Northwood's enough. Anyway, I could go on and on.  I really wanted you to know that your efforts are very greatly appreciated.


January 23, 2004

This mystery Central Area poster, Adam Zimmerman (1978-85) has been added to TimberBase.

January 10, 2004

Happy New Year...our short flirtation with Hotmail has ended. Effective immediately, the email address for correspondence regarding this site is Meanwhile, my personal address has changed to


December 18

Harold has updated his greeting, and gives us some rather big personal news...check it out here

November 1

Brian Seideman has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Out of the blue today I get a call from Scott Robinowitz, my best friend from camp for 6 years. It has been 20 years since I have spoken to him, but we were able to pick right back up where we left off. Where does the time go...and as I looked at all of your current pictures, I said to myself where did their hair go?

I just learned of and as I look at the pictures and read your comments it feels like I have come home again. That was a special place and time, some of the best days of my life...especially when I was hanging on the Grundy Nail.

Concisely, I am married with no children (because we already have Pud), I got my Masters, I was working for Genuity, which Level 3 purchased, we were all laid off, and now I help Scooter manage his law firm ( in Dallas. Don't worry Pud, the Boss already installed a nail in my office for when I screw up.

Your friend through time,

"Seid o bunns" "Seid o beef" "Seidy"

September 22

The 1986 Staff picture has been added. Thanks to Matt Hillier.

September 17

Matt Hillier (1986) has been added to TimberBase.

August 23

Will Padway has been added to TimberBase.

July 19

I'm finally rid of AOL! To contact me regarding the website, please write to:, while my personal address has changed to:

June 13

Howard Riezman writes:

I have moved from Basel to Geneva. Same job, still a biochemistry professor, but I am now in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Prof. Howard Riezman
Department of Biochemistry, Sciences II
30, quai E. Ansermet
CH-1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 702 6469
Fax. +41 22 702 6465


...and a touching note from Hank Schwartz's son, Perry:

To Harold and all who contributed to the memory of my dad. I just happened upon this terrific tribute to my dad and can't tell you how broad it makes my brother and I. Thank you all for your kind words.

June 1

The search engine has been tweaked so you should no longer get results from outside

May 27

Jon Turell (1973-77) has been added to TimberBase.

January 25

Harold has updated his greetings letter, which can be found here.

January 23

Mike "Meadow" Jacobs writes:

I have moved to Shanghai China, so who ever makes the trip to the new frontier look me up.

Michael Jacobs
Shanghai Centre Dong Feng Tower
Apt. #1907E
1376, Nanjing Road West
Shanghai, 200040,
P.R. China

Tel. (86-21) 6279 7179
Mobile: Hong Kong. 852 6255 7460
China 86 13823660155

January 12

Eric Bauer (1966) has been added to TimberBase (here's a vintage picture of Eric). He writes:

Hi...Barry Heller forwarded me your information, as well as the website. Please pass my best regards on to HH. I have so many fond memories of my summer there in 1966 and grew up in Indianapolis, not only with Barry, but with Dennis Silverstein (who sadly passed away a few years ago), Kenny Lorch, and others who went to Timberlane. Barry and I each have sons who are 12 years old and are thinking about sending from from Florida. I look forward to being listed on the site, never know who you might hear from. And nice job on the site, my partner & I build a lot o web sites and I'm impressed. Thanks for making my day!

January 9

Barry Heller ('66-'67) has been added to TimberBase. He writes:

Wonderful memories visiting the terrific website! My name is Barry Heller and I was a camper in 1966 and 1967. At the time I lived in Indianapolis, IN, now I live in Los Angeles, CA and I am an Emergency Physician. I'm going to talk to my 12 year old son tonight..he needs a good dose of the midwest summers and people. Thank you Harold for all the wonderful things you taught and gave us over the years.

January 3

Courtesy of Jeff Mossler, a few more pics have been added to JP & Billie's Wedding Page.

January 1

Just a reminder that pictures from Joey Pierce's wedding festivities can be found here.