Pics from Joey Pierce's wedding festivities can be found here.


David Klain has been added to TimberBase.


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I must apologize for reporting some erroneous information, Steve had not been shoveling snow as I had posted.


Harold called me this morning to inform me of the sudden passing of Timber-alum Steve Safer. Steve apparently suffered a heart attack.

I hardly knew Steve my first year at camp (which was his last), but really got to appreciate the man at the 2000 reunion. Steve generously provided some of the oldest pictures on this website when he entrusted me with a 1962 Memory Book . A close friend of Mark Faiwell, Steve was a warm and gentle man who will be missed...

More details on where to send condolences, etc. will be forthcoming.


Craig Leffel has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Thanks for putting a site up! I'm just sorry it took me so long to find it. I have nothing but the greatest memories of Timberlane and I'm anxious to go through all the listings you have and find out what guys are up to...I got into video post production in Chicago. I'm the senior colorist at Optimus, and I'm a partner there too. My brother David is an audio mixer at Swell. It's only now that Insurance companies have taken the fun out of the world, and every parent is freaked out about every injury in every sport, that I miss Tushball in the most incredible way. It will never be again.....


Much to Pud's chagrin, Brian Lifsec (1974-79) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I find it fitting that you are the Timberlane gatekeeper. The site is wonderful. Your job sounds wild; actually met Jerry Springer on a golf course in Florida. My stats follow:

Brian Lifsec
130 East 94th Street-Apt 8B
New York, NY 10128

I've been with Citibank for 17 years (Marketing). In the Philippines and Spain for seven of those years. My wife (Marcella) and I have two daughters: Gabriella (5) and Anna (3). My Timberlane tenure is a guess but I was there for six summers from, say, '74 to '79...


Gary Garten (1968-80) has been added to TimberBase. He owns a bar called Monday's in Madison, Wisconsin, and invites everyone to stop by when in town.

Please note that Lee Glicksman's e-mail address has changed to


In case you haven't heard, congrats to our own Joey Pierce on his recent engagement. This leaves Pud, Bosco, MP. and Meadow fighting it out in the bachelor arena...

Sammy Schulman has enclosed a recent picture of himself and family, you can find it here


"The Return of the Duchons" continues as Jon (1975-78) has now been added to TimberBase.


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Scott Dann (1974) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I love your site! I was in the Blackfoot Cabin for a month during the summer of '74. My counselors were Ray Carter (from Australia), Bob Barenholtz, and Howie Goldwasser. In the attached picture I am in the front row, first camper on the left.

My Timberlane history goes back a little further than that, however. Here is a photo of me and my best friend from nursery school and kindergarten, Jimmy Hiken. This was from a visit during the summer of 1969. Jimmy and I were both 5 at the time. I realize from your site that he is a doctor now, so he is probably Jim and not Jimmy, but he was Jimmy when we used to terrorize each other's houses as young boys. I also believe H was my father's math teacher at Whitefish Bay High School in the late 50's.

I am currently a CPA, living in suburban Cleveland, married with two daughters, 8 and 5. Keep up the good work on your site. I wish I would have had a couple of more summers at camp.


David Feldstein (1983-85) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I'm a Social Worker (Case Manager for individuals with HIV/AIDS).  I came across the site by doing a search up 'Harold Hiken' on Google. Also, I will eventually be sending you $10.00 for a copy of "Camp Movie". Thanks for adding me to the board. Take care.


Harold has updated his greeting on the site, you can find it here.


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David Folender has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Wow, what a trip. Saw Danny Plattner, David Morris and Mark Jacobs this weekend and they said I had to check out. Awesome. I can't really remember when I attended. If you know, that would be great. I imagine sometime around 77, 78, 79. If you have a list, I'd love to know...


We've added a REMEMBERING HANK page, where you can post your recollections and tributes to Hank Schwartz.


We're saddened to report the news of the passing of Hank Schwartz. Hank was Timberlane's first Assistant Director, and intregal to the development of the camp. He can often be spotted in old films and pictures with his trademark pipe (yes, it was tobacco). Many of us had the pleasure of seeing Hank at the reunion two years ago, where he was like the proud grandpa, relishing in the fruits of his labor...


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Ed Leifer (1969-74), who now goes by the last name Staffin, has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I just stumbled across your site and found my picture from 1970! I couldn't believe it! Fun. My name is Ed Staffin (It was Ed Leifer at the time). I was in the 1970 Hawk cabin photo. I was in the front row, second from the left. Anyhow, I am glad you have the site as it has brought back a lot of fond memories. I think I went there from about 1969-1974. But I could be off on that. I honestly don't remember. I currently live in the Florida Keys on Lower Matecumbe Key. I am a software developer who used to work for Microsoft and now run EmeraldKey Technolgies, Inc.


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Dave Branovan at ABC Gifts is closing out his inventory of Timberlane apparel. You can find fantastic prices on shirts, shorts and sweats at the Closeout page. Be aware that limited quantities remain, so order soon (no, I'm not getting a commission).


The Timber-Gear page has been completely overhauled. Timberlane has found a new distributor with tons of great stuff. Unfortunately, the Alumni items are no longer available, but may again be in the future...we'll let you know. Thanks to Mike Cohen for letting us link to the page.


Best wishes go out to our own Jon "Pud" Heller on his upcoming nuptuals to former Grateful Dead rhythm guitarist Bob Weir. The two enjoyed a whirlwind courtship last week, and are now inseparable. Taking Pud off the market has exploded Weir's popularity, especially with single middle-aged women in rural Illinois.


A hearty congrats to Martin Lynch and wife Kelly on this morning's birth of their first child, Sydney Jacqueline Lynch. Thier website is


Yes the Olympics were quite exciting, but I really miss the climactic Tug-O-War...

Phil "Stills" Stillerman (1972-75) has been added to TimberBase. His nickname has got me intrigued, did he take a lot of still photos?..did he run a "still" like on 'M*A*S*H'? What gives?


Believe it or not, we finally have our first Timberlane alum whose last name begins with an 'N'. Danny Nieder (1984-94) has been added to TimberBase.


David Weiss (1973) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

I somehow stumbled on to your website and I think it's great. I was a small bit player in the Timberlane story (very small), I went one year for four weeks and didn't like it!

I attended second session of 1973, I think I was in a cabin called Chippewa; Bob Barenholtz was my counselor (but he doesn't remember me) and I have no idea what I did for that four weeks, besides get a lot of mosquito bites. My brother, Stephen Weiss, also attended during 1973. I know we weren't in the same cabin, and I think he stayed for six weeks.

Here's my info: David S. Weiss 200 Dielman Road St. Louis, Mo. 63124 (314) 994-7621


Some new additions to TimberBase...welcome Scott Seideman, Bruce Berman, Aaron Frank and Steve Koby. The Post-Timberlane page has recent shots of Bruce, his wife, and the newborn India Lee.


Sander Coovert (1980-81) has been added to TimberBase. He writes...

Funny story......I'm sitting here at my pc when I have this great brainstorm! I'm going to plug my name into the search engine and see what comes back! And much to my surprise, Pow Wow Day 1981 shows up as a link to ME! Needless to say, I followed the links and have explored all of the Timberlane website....WHAT A TRIP!! Thanks for maintaining the site! For the record, I live in St. Louis and run into Danny Plattner every now and again. Brad Hohenberg, who also attended camp, was in my wedding and we remain close. When Meadow is in town for holidays and what not, I see him roaming around. The names and faces sure bring back some great memories! Thanks again! Sander Coovert

As Billy Strauss used to say... "What the hell is a Sander Coovert?"


Meadow is relocating to Hong Kong, China...really! His new address is:

Michael Jacobs
Suite 3105, 31/F Sutton Court Gateway Apartments
Harbour City Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Tel. 852- 2119-2848


Bill Berk of the current Timberlane sent me this email...

We are about to write and send out the alumni newsletter for 2002 and that anyone wanting us to include info about themselves should email a SHORT item to me ASAP We will be writing the newsletter in the immediate future, so people will have to get info to me ASAP. Mail to: